View Full Version : what would be Earth's civilization?

2004-Dec-15, 07:51 PM
We are already far away for extinction via nature.
But what would be or become Earths civilization if we where not here?
just to hear some oppinios, comments... please. ;)

2004-Dec-15, 10:46 PM
I read a short story by Arthur C Clarke a while ago called The Awakening. It's basically about a guy (called the Master) who wakes up from a cryogenic sleep. He had planned on going to sleep for only 100 years but ended up in stasis for much, much longer. The end of the story gives you one answer to your question, UBorba. He has just woken up and is reclaiming his senses. First his sense of touch, then sound, then his sight ...

"Then the Master's eyes came into focus, and as they brought their message to his mind he screamed once, feebly, and died for ever. For in the last moment of his life, as he saw what stood around him, he knew that the long war between Man and Insect was ended - and that Man was not the victor."

2004-Dec-15, 11:05 PM
Extinctions usually target large (energy-inefficient) and specialized (narrow eco-zone or narrow diet) creatures. That makes it the year of the rat, :lol: Regards--Steve

2004-Dec-16, 03:08 AM
Some member of the weasel family will probably move into our place as soon as we vacate it.

2004-Dec-16, 03:18 AM
GOURDHEAD, From the number of times I've heard it said that So-and-So is such a Weasel, the Weasels may be taking our place already.

Gambit Star
2004-Dec-16, 05:19 AM
Well considering we share this planet with millions of others species, I believe there would be alot that would evolve increasingly.
This is probably due to our nature itself, and how that most other species (inclueding us) adapt to our surroundings.

"Animals" have never been smarter !
I've seen skateboarding dogs, the wisdom and physchi of the feline friends, crows that crack nuts by placing them in the middle of an intersection and retreive it after the green "walk across" sign has gone off !!
Dolphins, monkeys and mice that can tell the differnce in numbering and colours.
Our existance depicts the intellegence of alot more than we can see, to the "animal" world, we are the aliens !

I think if we werent here it would defintely be up to another species that would be in control of the fate of others. :)

2004-Dec-17, 05:22 PM
I think it cant be anyone, must be a predator, maybe the insects, but I dont think insects can someday manufacture tools, and depending only on nature (evolution, natural selection) can't bring them to this stage, simply because all species are evolving all the time, just my point.

Excuse me for the bad english.

2004-Dec-17, 07:24 PM
In Sir Aurther Conan Doyle's book THE LOST WORLD he fantisises a humaniod species that broke off from dinosaurs and develops similar technology to humans.

but i must add it is possible that any species given time and the right conditions may have taken our place. as for now i would say something like a rat might take ou place given it's mind and ability to grip and manuvour objects with it's paws.