2004-Dec-17, 09:35 AM
:) Here are some speculations about future spacecraft and their possible propulsion systems:-

(1) In the future, craft travelling in deep space would no longer use rocket power for propulsion. Control mechanism on the craft will be placed in synchronous frequency with the universal energy flows which exist in all space, but slightly out of phase with them. Either "lagging" or "leading" phase would be used, depending on whether it was desired to travel with the flows, or against them. The speed depends on the degree of phase angle which, in turn, depends on the amount of "shading power" which the control apparatus could apply.

(2) Electromagnetic drive would operate by cutting the natural magnetic lines of force produced by a planetary body, and could be used only relatively near the surface of some planet. When used at low altitudes, it will have the effect of "blanking out" radio apparatus, and causing variations in magnetic compasses and other magnetic apparatus in the vicinity.

(3) Future spacecraft (no longer powered by rocket engines) will have the means of hovering motionless when desired. One piece of apparatus will produce a cone-shaped electrical field that diverts the flow of gravity around the craft; much as an umbrella diverts rain, thus cancelling most of the craft's weight. Another piece of apparatus would produce a downward electron beam jet which compensates for the slight remaining weight. The diversion field could also be used in flight, in order to reduce the effective mass of the craft, thus making it more maneuverable and reducing the amount of power required to maintain flight. This field would, under certain conditions, produce a corona discharge which will give the craft the appearance of being surrounded by a luminous or 'fiery' envelope. Craft using the electromagnetic form of propulsion would also produce a similar corona effect.

2004-Dec-17, 07:18 PM
Hi etvisitor7

i like your topic, this one i'm eager to dicuss, hoewever i does'nt seem like many other's do.

i believe all of your points are possible, but i don't think they would be practical.
i think there will be some other more practical solutions to combat such problems.

types of space craft propulsion i believe will be used are things like warp, impulse & ion drives for inter stellar travel and also solar sail and "sling" propulsion.

2004-Dec-18, 03:44 PM
Not to be a wet blanket, but

"universal energy flows"

I don't think there are such things. If there were, we've no idea at all how to use them for anything useful. Wouldn't it more compact to say, "In the future, craft travelling in deep space will use magic?"

Or, to be a little more verbose, "In the future, craft travelling in deep space will use propulsion mechanisms of which we currently have no knowledge."

"Electromagnetic drive would operate by cutting the natural magnetic lines of force"

What does the adjective natural have to do with a planetary magnetic field? Wouldn't we be just as happy to use an artificial magnetic field? By the way, I think we're the ones who draw the lines.

How about "Electromagnetic drive might operate by using magnetic fields near planets and other bodies that have such fields." Why would such a drive "blank out" anything in any significant way?

"a cone-shaped electrical field that diverts the flow of gravity"

Why not "diverts gravity?" I've not noticed gravity flowing anywhere.

We have no idea how this could be done using electricity or anything else, so how about, "a force of some kind that diverts gravity?" On the other hand why bother diverting gravity, which must be quite an undertaking, when one could just use that magnetic field of which we know at least something.

Why should there be any residual weight? Why an electron beam, rather than ions or something else? What gives you the idea there would be any corona with either type of drive?

Changing mass is a completely different proposition than diverting gravity. And we have no hint as to how that could be possible, which means that it may not be possible at all, ever.


2004-Dec-18, 03:54 PM
there was one thing i forgot to add and that is that some of these concepts don't exist yet nor do we have any understanding of them - at present hey are all just figments of our imaginations, but things like this are possible, it's just a matter of how possible.

i think bob sums it up pretty well allthough it seems a bit negative.

2004-Dec-19, 02:23 AM
....but things like this are possible, it's just a matter of how possiblePossibilities have in common with pregnancies that partials don't exist. I believe the probability of these processes being developed in the next 100 million years is vanishingly small.

2004-Dec-19, 06:05 AM
i'm not quiet sure i understand what your tying to say :huh: :D