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2004-Dec-20, 04:18 AM
Well everyone, starting tomorrow through Sunday I'll be off to Sun Valley, Idaho for some skiing. So if I get the chance to post here, I'll still be freezing my *** off.

Actually, their weather during the day is in the thirties (farenheit). Should be perfect for skiing, anyhew.

So since I'm talking about this subject, here's something for all you winter mountaineers: what is your favorite winter ski/snowboard resort?

Big Brother Dunk
2004-Dec-20, 05:17 AM
Have a safe and enjoyable trip! http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung0304/cool/cool-smiley-001.gif

Unfortunately for me, my only winter pastime is waiting for the golf and star gazing season to start in the spring.

2004-Dec-20, 02:44 PM
When I was a kid, we regularly went to Sun Valley for summer vacation. It was great fun in the summer. I've never been that far north for snow skiing. Have fun!

2004-Dec-21, 09:04 PM
I'm very lucky from that point of view, as I have some of the best skiing reseorts in the world right on my doorstep.

My favorite is probably Lake Louise, although they often don't get enough snow. Whitefish in Montana and Sun Peaks in Kelowna are also favorites.

For pure snow fun (ie TONS o powder!) Sunshine in Alberta or Big White in BC are amazing.

2004-Dec-22, 04:16 AM
Never been skiing, any fun?

BTW Its 25 degrees F here and we have a winter storm advisery til Thursday. On Christmas its not suppose to get above 15 degrees (not including wind chill) Its going to be cold...

2004-Dec-22, 04:42 AM
Snow skiing is a blast! Used to go several times a year, back in the day.

And speaking of weather, it was hot today, probably in the mid 70's.