View Full Version : Two magnetic axes?

2004-Dec-27, 05:10 AM
OK...so compasses point to the north magnetic pole, which is always in constant motion...

And the magnetic FIELD is centered around the ~23 degree tilt of the earth's axis...

So, what's the differnce between these two?

2004-Dec-27, 05:20 AM
Starlab, I feel that the earth's magnetic field is centered about the magnetic axis joining the magnetic north and south poles. The axis of rotation is the one tilted by 23 degrees.

I feel so ...

2004-Dec-27, 06:49 AM
So why do we have a magnetic gap at the poles as opposed to at the magnetic pole?

Dave Mitsky
2004-Dec-27, 07:34 AM
I believe that you're referring to magnetic variation, which is the angular difference between true north and magnetic north. Magnetic variation is the result of the variable nature of the Earth's magnetic field.




Dave Mitsky