View Full Version : Problem with my Mac

2004-Dec-27, 11:38 AM
Hi all and a Happy New Year to come.
Have had a problem with my HD on my OS10.3.7 Mac, resulting in me reinstalling the OS on another partitioned drive. Had fun trying to get emails across and iphoto stuff but achieved that with just a loss of a few strands of hair. But I can't get my address book across. You all must know what your address book is like after nearly ten years using emails as a major form of comunication.
I have done the knowledge base Support stuff and tried importing the details through both Netscape and Outlook without success.
The reasons I can't use the OS mail prgramme I have used is that Steve Jobs doesn't supply an export function for the Address Book and I only have a "Previous system" copy of the Address book. this file is not tab delimited, comma delimited or any such helpful thing and when opened with Word or Text Edit it is a series of long names without punctuation of any sort.
any suggestions greatly welcome as I've run out of ideas.

Hey just being able to get on this site with my correct user name and password is a major achievement, now for the other ten forums I'm a visitor to.