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2004-Dec-29, 06:35 PM
SUMMARY: At the time I'm writing this, approximately 80,000 people are believed to have lost their lives in the Asian Tsunami. This is a terrible tragedy, but it's not over yet. This disaster hit some of the poorest parts of the planet, where people had inadequate infrastructure to begin with. We have an opportunity now to save potentially hundreds of thousands of lives by donating to relief agencies.

I'm begging you all to take a moment from your busy lives, and donate what you can afford to a relief agency. Here's a handy list at CNN that lists agencies accepting donations on behalf of the victims. What they need right now is money, and lots of it.

Let's help!

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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2004-Dec-29, 07:17 PM
And to those members of our little community who are near or in these areas, we pass to you our sincere hopes that you and your families are safe.

2004-Dec-29, 11:06 PM
As an Indonesian citizen, I just want to thank all of you who are willing to donate a little bit of your fortune to help the people who are suffering from tsunami and earthquake in Asia and Africa. God bless you all.

2004-Dec-30, 03:56 AM
I'm from Malaysia. This is a very sad week for me and all Malaysians. Living in this beautiful country for 23 years, the only thing i know is, Malaysia is a place far away from all kinds of disaster. But now i know, i was wrong. I am sad for those who was killed in northern Malaysia, Thailand, SriLanka and India. At the same time i thank God cause i live in the southern area which was not hit by tsunami. Every morning when i read newspaper, i feel like crying. Please help those victims. The tsunami was cruel, but I believe there is still LOVE in this world...

2004-Dec-30, 07:30 AM
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2004-Dec-30, 08:45 AM
I agree with Planetwatcher, this is going to need all of our help.

2004-Dec-30, 09:59 AM
I am agree with Mr.Fraser, planetwatcher, infact there is a urgent need to proceed,
if the tsunami warning system was available and time span could save the thousands of lives, there is a vast need to educate the people about the whether, tidal waves, the un-normal sea, the planetary effects on sea [whether this is falling and attracting sea movement], special radar system, special underwater warning system is needed to minimise the such hazards.

P.S. well i have already sent my one day salary for the tsunami suferers.


2004-Dec-31, 08:25 AM
When I was a kid, I used to get a science learning kit called "Things of Science", a different topic/experiment would arrive every other week. One was on Solar Water Distillation. The single item in the kit was a sheet of lightweight plastic, textured on one side, which would distill enough pure water for a couple of people to survive each day.

For the weight of a single gallon of water shipped into a disaster area, enough plastic material to distill fresh water for about 100 people (every day!!!!) could be shipped in.

Therefore, appropriate use of technology could multiply the recovery effort by at least a factor of 100 with regards to a single day of drinking water needs. Other techniques can be used to solve the immediate needs for shelter, waste treatment and power. Food of course, is different issue.

So, my basic question is this> If I have a version of a low-cost, utility-independent infrastructure which can be rapidly deployed, who do I talk to??

You've all heard me go on-and-on about how my designs could reduce the cost of space projects. Well, this is just the sort of application that can use the same set of techniques. And, there is an urgent need for it. A very urgent need.

So, who do I talk to?? What agency will listen??

2004-Dec-31, 09:11 AM
Tom, ask all of them, nag, plead and ram your idea down their throats... make it happen!

I plan to join a work party when the reconstruction begins, I do not care where they send me, just so i can do my little bit.

Now donmating money on a daily basis, just sold my other computer, proceeds to Unicef

like so many, feel so helpless, friend still missing - his home town completely gone...wish i could do more, like all of us i imagine

2004-Dec-31, 09:59 AM
Yeah, lets try to keep this topic near the top in active topics so that as many people as possible see it.

2004-Dec-31, 04:43 PM
when i picked up the newspaper and read what had happened i couldn't help but to cry. i can only imagen the devistation that 8.9 earthquake has caused, not just to the land that the people live on but mentally and physically to the people that we live with on the same planet. so i say that we forget about world anger and spread the world peace. Just face the people in those countries are to distraught to do anything so they need our help!

Mild mannered
2005-Jan-03, 11:07 AM
Absolutely vital this stays top priority

I don't know how many of you have been out there and know the region - but I have and these people are poor enough already without this disaster.

My company imports furniture from the region and we go out there every year - the people out there are fantastic, hard working folks and many of the people we deal with have been terribly affected / losing friends family and livelihoods.

The rebuilding will take a long time and they really need all our help.

We are due out there in March and I will be definitely going - we spend a lot every year over there and if this helps in some small way we can't stay away.

As a side - personal - point, our March trip wil take in Malaysia and Thailand (furniture shows) and various factory visits - it was to end at Phuket for a few days relaxation before flying home. If this had happened in March myself and my family would have been on that beach. This thought is terrifying. I can't begin to imagine the horror for those poor people who were there. So many lost - it is devastating.

That bit (relaxation) is cancelled but I will be going there to help out if I can - don't know what I'll achieve but can't stay away when they need all the help they can get. I'll post photo's of our efforts when we get back if that is okay.

Keep giving guys - we will be, in as many ways as we can.

if anyone has any fund raising ideas / sponsoring ideas etc for the forum post em up and lets get behind them.

Thanks Frazer for opening this thread - these people really, really, need our help.

2005-Jan-03, 11:24 AM
what about plenty of boys and girls have lost their parents, they are still waiting their fathers and mothers but many are lost their lives, this is also a big question to survival of them? who cares ? ?

2005-Jan-05, 03:35 PM
Damien, re-
Tom, ask all of them, nag, plead and ram your idea down their throats... make it happen!

I plan to join a work party when the reconstruction begins, I do not care where they send me, just so i can do my little bit.

Good Advice!!

Working on it!!

2005-Jan-31, 08:15 AM
Slowly but surely, I'm making a bit of progress! I may have located some private sources of interest to help put together a less than $1,000 (US) habitat that would provide shelter, water collection and treatment, waste treatment and a bit of electricity.

So, Damien- if you or anyone else goes on any work parties, maybe I could send along some drawings of the basic system.

Along the way, I found out things like, Ghana: World Bank Turns US$103 Million Ghana Urban Water Credit to Grant (http://allafrica.com/stories/200501070099.html) That's a couple of thousand dollars per person for water.

Then you have ideas like this out there-Ceramic Water Purifier (http://www.ide-international.org/html/gallery/purifier.html) $10 for the purifier which can provide purified water for a family of six. About $2 per person versus the World Bank number of $2,000 per person. For emergency relief, that's 1,000 times cheaper. Incidently, I was told that the crews of Spanish Galleons would throw a silver coin into the water barrel and the water wouldn't go bad. Sounds similar!

So, there are all kinds of approaches out there.

Pick one...Do It!

2005-Jan-31, 09:57 AM
It just takes folks with vision such as yourself Tom to make these things happen!

btw, i still intend on joining a work party soon enough