View Full Version : sea borne early warning system

2004-Dec-30, 10:19 AM
Now there is vast need to implant such instruments all over the sea bases of the world, as we know that the portion of water is bigger than that of land, and we also know that most of the developing countries are not having such equipments or unknown about such hazards like TSUNAMI,[the japnese name of tidal waves],

I heard that on Hawaii island the equipment of early warning system of Pacific sea tidal wave movements. same like that systems can be implant in different part of the world is looking necessary.

As we know that the toll of deaths is reaching near about 1,00,000. this is quite alarming figure and beyond our imagine, that was a full moon day, the wind on the sea was 600kmph on that day i.e. 26.12.04, [it is learnt].

for the future safety, country like india, australia, indonesia, sumatra, male, srilanka, bangladesh, mauritus, maldiv has to see the advanced technology for the sea-management, may be it is available with australia that i don't know,

and early borne warning system can give a sufficient time to proceed the people at the safety places.

as it is learnt that in one forest of the east asia,[in srilanka] the animals were absent in zoo, now the forest officers are in plight that where these animal gone? further said that the animal better understand that about the coming hazard, may be their brains are super sensitive in this regard, i heard that snake, rabit, mouse, elephant, hen and some other animal can well acknoledge about the seismic vibrations well in advance. what do you think about this topic? please give your opinion here.