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2005-Jan-03, 06:17 PM
SUMMARY: Greetings, fellow sky watchers! I trust everyone's holidays were wonderful? It's time to start a New Year and what better way than with a bit of celestial "fireworks" as the Quadrantid meteor shower begins the week! Dance along the ecliptic plane as five planets are visible in the morning skies and Moon occults Jupiter for Africa and part of Australia! Journey with me as we explore the "death" of a star in the M1 and celebrate the "birth" of a new solar system with T Tauri. We will begin exploration of Orion with the M78 and the "Flame" nebula. Who knows? This could be your lucky "Knight"! The week end becomes even more exciting as the last of the Moon occults Antares for the northwest and the "Magnificent Machholz" joins the Plieades in a spectacular showing! As Saturn reaches the ascending node, we'll be out reaching for the stars...

Because here's what's up!

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2005-Jan-03, 09:27 PM
I am a VERY amateur telescope owner, living in the west suburbs of London England. This information really helps me try and find stuff that my ETX 70 can reveal. Saturn, Jupiter, the moon and a the double star in the plough is all I can really see with all our light pollution....oh and a fuzzyness in Orions sword !!

Can you please tell me where this comet is tho'....in relation to the Plough (big dipper) or Orion?
I do appreciate the site, thanks Fraser.

2005-Jan-03, 09:37 PM

No problem, dude...

Go to:


It will take you a few minutes to register by getting your location, etc. entered, but it's time well spent.

When you get the main page by logging in, scroll toward the bottom and you will see a link for Comet Machholz. Click and viola! You will now have a custom map created for just that day and your location.

Machholz is terrific in binoculars right now, so even light-polluted areas stand a chance. Once you locate it, you won't have any trouble following its progress.

Let us know how you fare!

Light Speed,


Eric Vaxxine
2005-Jan-05, 03:53 PM
Many thanks for that information.
:) Eric + Bongo

2005-Jan-05, 07:16 PM
Anytime... ;)