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2005-Jan-03, 06:26 PM
SUMMARY: As an exciting beginning to the new year, Comet Machholz is making its way across the night sky visible with the unaided eye. If you've never looked at a comet before, now's your chance. First, find some dark skies and then look into the constellation of Taurus. As Tammy describes in this week's "What's Up", the comet will get near to the Plieades star cluster on Friday. That's the day you should try and spot it. Take some binoculars and your camera too.

If you take a picture, visit the astrophotography section of the Universe Today forum and post your picture.

Good luck!

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

P.S. Thanks to John Gianforte for this picture of Machholz.

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2005-Jan-04, 12:28 AM
Very happy to see john's (my Introduction to Astronomy teacher's) work on the internet and espically on universetoday.com. Great picture of the comet Machholz.

Tony Hesch
2005-Jan-04, 12:51 AM
I ask Don Macholitz who leaves in my small town to look at this web site and consider posting one of his own photos and or some more info about his comet.
The time constraints on him are no doubt very heavy right now but who knows you may see info direct from Don soon
Tony Hesch

2005-Jan-06, 05:06 PM
Look on place, where this comet is now and where its perihelia is!!!
Again area above Orion, Taurus, Pleiads...
This is direction , where "something" should come from too!
Macholz is long periodic comet so it must be in some resonance with motion of "something"!
Sednas case (according USA top astronomers is planetoid with high eliptic path-perihelia again in the same direction) wasnt officially solved and explained satisf. till now-especially why there is such high elliptical pat-prolongated in +-direction Orion!
Motion (its acceleration) of North magnetic pole (toward North pole, Orion, Taurus,) speaks clearly too, that somewhere in that direction must be source, case-reason for these phenomena...
Earthquakes, tsunami... in Indic Ocean happened since 26th December (and didnt finished till now!!!), when plane connecting Sun-Earths axis goes on Orion, Taurus too!!!
Second arrival of Jesus on midle ages paintings from Spain, Poland...(see http://senmut.szm.com)/ is depicted among signs-constel. of Taurus and Leo!!!
If you read last articles (Evan.) from New Testament, Revalation (http://senmut.szm.com) you will find exactly that earthquakes, tsunami, heavenly bodies comming from Taurus...
could be signs for end of days, which according apostles resemble to days of Noah!!