View Full Version : Spirit is at Sol "1" on website

2005-Jan-03, 06:32 PM
Heh, Spirit has been on the planet a year and the Java window that shows the Sols on Mars is screwed up. Says Spirit is on Sol 1 and Opportunity on Sol 19. I rather suspect that when they made the little Java app to run that they had -zero- concern about the date code and what might happen to it if the year rolled over.

2005-Jan-03, 06:52 PM
Doh! didn't the year 2000 thing teach us anythng! :)

2005-Jan-03, 09:53 PM
Howdy folks,

First off I want to thank everyone at U/T for a fine site that is always entertaining and enlightening.I wish you all the best of New Years and look forward to my daily e-mail.
Just a couple comments about the Mars Rovers:isn't it wonderful that we as amateurs have access to the incredible photos and data that we can see nearly as fast as the NASA team?I'm probably a bit older than U/T's average member and can remember when we'd have to wait for National Geographic or some serious journal to publish a detailed account.The Web lets us get into the action with the real Gurus in the field and we can even pick their brains online like we did here just recently.It has completely altered our point of view about who the researchers are because we have become serious students ourselves with a minimum of effort but a maximum return.
Sure,we're in the infancy of Space research and we're still still just building the discipline,but just think of age-old questions that we've answered in just these last 12 months.And we get wonderful 3-D views of the planet and can easily envision ourselves exploring there.
Maybe this note describes the obvious,but I just hope we all realize what a fantastic vantage point we share.Just think,our knowledge of Mars-I mean we amateurs'-completely rewrites the textbooks and makes fact or fiction of most of the oldest speculations by the best minds before us!And that's just this past year's additions.The term amateur has taken on a completely new meaning.