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2005-Jan-23, 08:01 PM
Granville Earl Lovell
P.O.Box 397 Zion Illinois 60099 USA..

I have been doing research in many things for many years which has led to some very big discoveries that INCLUDE information and knowledge about Planets, Sun, Moon, and can help in every area of your research. I am not asking you to pay me for my discovery I want to show the world all the things I have discovered. I have tried many times to contact NASA but they will not respond to any emails and their form to submit for to solicitation does not and will not work or apply to me and this discovery.
I am sure that many of you have heard of inventions and ideas of discovery that people have had over the years, you do not have to be a brain surgeon to be able to discover something really big. ( I HAVE DISCOVERED THE BIGGEST NEWS THE WORLD COULD HEAR )
I will list but a few of my claims that seem to be never ending and that I have tested many times and find them to work all the time.

I have discovered that this system of things we call earth and all that exist has a way of recording images of people and events and structures and other information since the beginning of time. I can show how this works and it is not hard to teach someone this.
I can go to any spot on earth and show you how to get images of the past history of that area which will show many things with great detail, LIKE STONEHENGE, I can show you images of people and events and structured and objects etc. before Stonehenge was erected and after.
Sure all this sounds crazy but that is only because you have never heard of such a thing. I have nothing at all to gain by wasting anyones time. Then there is the pyramids which has been a big part of my research into ancient knowledge. With the images I can produce I should be able to show you how to get images of that area during the building of the pyramids and answer many of our questions.
Then there are all the wonders of the world, I should be able to help answer the questions about all this.
Sure all this is just claims but I have years of testing that can prove this and I have many ways to prove this in less than a half hour to show it works.
Now to move on to planets, as I said this discovery is about all things that exist.
Because of the way this works I can show you how to tell if there was ever life on another planet and what that life looked like and structures objects etc of that planets past.
I have much proof at this time about this that I want to teach the world.
Your STRING THEORY I have found that you are pretty close to the truth with the string theory and it seems that you took the long rout to come up with what you have but there is a way that is not so hard to figure it out,
I don't want to say at all that none of you are very smart, you are very good at what you do but, I there is no one in the world has worked any harder than I have in my research that has led to these discoveries.
REMOTE SENSING AND IMAGING - Because of my discovery I can show you new things in this area. I can find things under ground and in the deserts around the world that no one knows about. If there is a lost civilization, or if something is covered by the earth I can show you how to find it. No person will ever make all these claims to you without being able to prove them.
I am mad with NASA because I Can not get them to answer my emails or get in touch with me.
It would make me happy to teach you things that NASA does not know.
I will get something out of this but ONLY when I prove my claims.
I need your help getting this to the media but only after I show you that it works.
Do you have anyone in this area where I live that could look and see that what I have is true?
Granville Earl Lovell
P.O. Box 397
Zion Illinois 60099
ALSO- It is much better to show you in person because I want you to see right away that it is true, if I try and explain this in a letter there would be just too much that leads up to these discoveries which may lead you to doubts, but in person I can show you enough that you will see I have NEWS THAT WILL ROCK THE WORLD.
I'm not interested in debates or chit chat about my claims I am here looking for someone that can help me get these discoveries to the media or NASA.
These discoveries are very true and there is much more to this than I list here today.
For all of you that would like to hear more or that would hope that my claims are true, I say to you get me the right person to show my proof and you will be very happy you did.

2005-Jan-24, 09:27 AM
sry i'm just an 18 year old dutch girl with no contacts to nasa :P but sounds like an interesting discovery. Can you show some examples?

2005-Jan-24, 03:53 PM
If you really can do any of these things - then you should really forget NASA and forums on the internt and give your 6 oclock news a call....

I will be waiting to see this on the 6 oclock news :lol:

Also I really dont think you will get someone to come and see you from posting on the forums.... you may get people to think you are a pedophile though just for asking...

2005-Jan-24, 04:56 PM
Great, post some images.

2005-Jan-24, 05:23 PM
The Following people are all from Illinois in NASA's Solar System Ambassador program. You should probably attempt to get in contact with one of them:

Nancy Atkinson
Joan Blackman
Kevin Caruso
Christine Gregory
Paul Gunty
Roger Hale
Geoffrey Heberlein
Tim Hedlin
William Higgins
Daniel Holland
Andrew Koepke
James Kovac
Stephanie Moidel
Michelle Nichols
Lisa Olson
Robert Pfannkuche
Jim Plaxco
Kurt Reilly
Dominic Sarsah
Mark Schneider
Shari Summers-Lavelli
Michelle Szybowicz
Lorrell Toscano
John Vittallo

2005-Jan-24, 06:52 PM
ya man, record a video and upload it online, i'll be able to lend u some webspace if you do.

2005-Jan-24, 11:22 PM
"Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence"

2005-Jan-24, 11:28 PM
Originally posted by GeoBible@Jan 23 2005, 08:01 PM
you are very good at what you do

Thanks, but that's NOT news to me :huh:

2005-Jan-24, 11:39 PM
Technical Psychometry? Hmmm...If your name was GeoScience instead of GeoBible, I might be less skeptical.

But, Sure, let's see some photos/images from your years of research!

Dave Mitsky
2005-Jan-24, 11:46 PM
Need I mention the phrase troll alert?

Dave Mitsky

2005-Jan-24, 11:50 PM
Hi, for those of you that have looked at my post and claims I want to say that this forum is one of a last resort because I have tried most all Media, Newspapers, Government offices, Museums, University's, Talk shows, Archaeologist, Scientist, Anthropologist, NASA, Nova, Magazines, and even the White House and many more all over the USA and many outside the USA. over 4000 hours emailing these claims and visiting Museums Radiostations, I went to the chicago tribune and tried to talk to reporters then tried to call upstairs and get one to come down stairs and give me ten min. and I would pay them well.
I am pretty sure the reason that none will look into these claims are because I am making such big and crazy claims and so many but! I don't know any other way of making these claims so that they don't sound so wild and crazy, The fact is I'm holding back a lot of my claims which would convince people even more that I am crazy.
Now one of you said make a video and put it in the forums?
The reason I am in the forums is to see if I can find someone in this area that would have the connections to get this in the news after looking at what I have found. When one looks into this they will know how big this is.
If you can understand I am not here to question or debate any of my claims I know what I have and for all those that will not help me out with getting this to the media etc. I don't want to just toss years or my research to the wind (FORUM) When I get the right person to look into this I will want to retain some rights to my discoveries and I will need to make a living from this so that I can continue my research. I will be able to show the world and still make a living if I do not throw it to the wind. If you think it is easy to just call the six ocolock news and get this on there you are very wrong unless you are the right person or if you have something very stupid then you could be sure to get in the news.
Thanks for your interest and suggestions.

2005-Jan-25, 01:10 AM
well, if you're sincere about your claims, i suggest you keep on trying because it sounds incredibly cool. I wish i could help ya out, but i really dont know anyone in the business, maybe try going to www.discoverychannel.ca and contact someone there, That would be a very good place to start. I think you can go into chat rooms with host from the show and stuff like that, so maybe you can somehow get in that way.

Just tryin to help, good luck

2005-Jan-25, 01:33 AM
yah man, its hard for anyome to really take you seriously unless you have evidence, like Trevor Sproston said "Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence", show us a video, do you have a camera to make one? that would be your best bet. :)

2005-Jan-25, 04:04 AM
It would be very simple that if you want any credible person to take any amount of interest in these claims, to just provide one SMALL piece of evidence to back up these GRAND announcements. Whether it be a picture, a video clip, or even, some mathematical calculation to show someone who might have an interest, that you are indeed telling the
truth, instead of just trying to gain attention.

These kind of announcements remind me of those "cure-all" miracle drinks of days long ago. <_<

2005-Jan-25, 05:04 AM
GeoBible1 your discovery sounds amazing. But with many things I follow the motto if its too good to be true then it probably is. If this process allowed you to look at the past,I beleive you would be discoving information that would make you a world renowned historian. Because as you say you would be able to look at past civilisations and discover more about them than anyone else yet and with comparitive ease. If you could make such discoveries you would not need to go to the press... they would go to you. Along with universities, governmental organisations (like NASA) and various military organisations. Now if you would like me to unlock this topic please don&#39;t hesitate to Private Message me (you can by pressing the "PM" button beneath this text).