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Dr. Zameer Jafri
2005-Jan-26, 05:44 AM
Dear Sir/Madam,
> To my knowledge that Mars also rotates on its axis like Earth from east to
> west and there is Sun Rise on Mars from the east to West. But I have heard
> that lately this rotation of Mars has changed from West to East & Sun rise
> takes place from west to East. How far is that TRUE?
> If ther is any rotaional change on its axis of the Mars kindly proved the
> appropriate site wher I can get more info about this celestial change in the
> Universe.
> Thanks a million for you early response
> Dr. Jafri

2005-Jan-26, 06:09 AM
First of all, Doc, welcome to the forums. ;)

Second of all, I can tell you that that does not sound true...I am not an expert but I use logic as much as I can - and whoever told you that b*llcr*p is oobviously not logical&#33; <_<

2005-Jan-26, 10:56 AM
The Earth rotates counterclockwise (what you are calling West to East). This causes the Sun&#39;s apparent motion to be clockwise (East to West).

The same is true for Mars.

BTW: Welcome to the Forum.

John L
2005-Jan-26, 11:38 PM
Uranut nailed it.

There is also discussion, though, that because Mars lacks a large moon to stabilize its rotation that it&#39;s axis can wobble significantly. This wouldn&#39;t reverse its direction of rotation, though. And Venus is the only planet in the solar system that rotates on its axis from east to west. All of the other planets and their large moons are west to east like the Earth. That&#39;s one of the reasons for the theory that all of the planets and their moons formed out of a single disk of material around the Sun, as the rotational properties of that disk would have been imparted on the objects that formed from it.

2005-Jan-27, 01:44 PM
Apart from Uranus which is on its side of course.... Time for a new thread to ask why this is I reckon&#33;&#33;

John L
2005-Jan-27, 04:56 PM
True Uranus&#39; axis is tilted about 90 degrees toward the sun, but it still rotates on its axis in the same direction as the Earth, and all other planets except Venus.