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2005-Jan-28, 04:54 PM
what a marvellous the universe is?milllions of galaxies.we can't even know the complete description of one galaxy.then imagine who has created this universe.how much would he have?coming to my topic the andromeda.we found out that the andromeda is the nearest galaxy to our galaxy.it is known from that it has two nuclues.can anyone guess what system this will consists of like our milky way.is there can be a solarsystem like ours.then if it is ,it is possible that there will be a planet that provides existence for the living creatures .is those creatures are like ours?ha what a unbelivable universe.we can't say anything this is this and that is that.ya we should ,we should find this concealment.we can,if we all join and work we can easily do this research.so come with me and we will join and make a exact model so that the mystery behind this origin of universe will be revealed.those who want to join with me in this reserach discussion mail me .
and i am awaiting for their suggestions about my forum and we will discuss much and more topics.as iam doing my engineering in reputed institute of india under the control of late g.d.birla the founder of tata and birla
ashok kumar

2005-Jan-28, 05:05 PM
Hi Ashok, welcome to the forum.

It is fun to speculate about what might be out there.

2005-Jan-28, 05:27 PM
ya my frind everything in this mysterious world starts with fun but it will results in a new invention like the fall of apple from the tree on newton
can we have discussion about this topic
my frind bye
ashok kumar

2005-Jan-28, 05:39 PM
Hello, Welcome to the forum!

yes, antoniseb is right, it is fun to speculate.

Now, what exactly would you like to discuss?

2005-Jan-29, 10:13 AM
Yes we can and will discuss all of these things. Your understanding of the universe and its structure will become clearer as time will unfold the mistery's as yet un answered.
Our Solar system is very nearlly duplicated hundreds of times within this Galaxy. You dont need to look as far away as Andromida to answer the questions you are beginning to see. The number of exo planets found is at about 130 and growing. and all within this Galaxy. We know the probebilaty of finding earth like conditions might be difacult, or at the least not common near here. But these are early times. Space is a big place.

Dave Mitsky
2005-Jan-29, 11:04 AM
A small correction, if you will. M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy) is not the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way. The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds and a few other local group dwarf galaxies are closer. M31 is, however, the nearest large spiral galaxy.



Dave Mitsky

2005-Jan-29, 05:25 PM
hai iam ashok here.
always i welcome ur suggestions as iam too junior to u all in this field i can learn more frm u .ok who wish to join in this discussion.can u think why can't we can do?ya we can .first of all milky way too was like this a mysterious one then it has become a luxurious one.likewise it may happen tht andromeda may provide a new environment for living.everyone who are seeing my mail may laugh .it may look funny.but my words will become sunny one day.
mail me abt this .
bye guyz.
bye my frinds.

2005-Jan-29, 06:36 PM
You may very well be right. No one will laugh - your suggestion is fair enough. If we were to look for life in galaxies elswhere, we would prbably focus on andromeda and not the other faint galaxies surrounding our own. These galaxies aren't so bright and tend to have low metallicities - a measure of the amount of elements heavier than hydrogen and helium in the galaxy. All of these metallicites are created in the cores of dying stars - hot bright stars, in that case, bright galaxies with long histories of star formation are more likely to have high metallicity. Spiral galaxies, where the stars go in well-defined orbits (as opposed to having complicated orbits where stars can be brought close to dangerous objects) are more stable and safer for the long-term prospects of life.

2005-Jan-31, 05:28 PM
hai ,
again iam ashok here.first of all i say thanx to mr.rigel as he believe my words.ok wat can be the possible system like our solar there .
ashok(a living space boy)

2005-Jan-31, 05:39 PM
iam ashok here
mr.rigel thanx 4 ur kind response can we hv discussion regarding wat is existing there or not.by the way frn where are u and wat r u doing?