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2005-Jan-31, 05:50 PM
hai u all guyz,
now we start a discussion about hw the universe formed?what was there before the universe had it's origin .whoever likes to hv discussion let's mailme
ashok kumar(a boy of living space)

2005-Jan-31, 06:03 PM
I moved this topic to Everything Else in the Universe. This was clearly not a Space Exploration topic. It is may have been better placed in Alternative Theories, but I didn't get the impression that Ashok was looking for weird explanations, so I put it here.

2005-Feb-01, 06:07 PM
thanx mr.antoniseb we will start discussion first take any topic

2005-Feb-01, 09:39 PM
Originally posted by ashok_bitsboymech@Feb 1 2005, 06:07 PM
we will start discussion first take any topic
This is not a topic I have a lot to say about, because at the moment it seems to be unknowable, and I usally don't speculate to much on such things. If there is ever some kind of demonstration that Brane-Theory, or Quantum Loop Gravity, or some other such model offers concrete predictions about the early universe that disagree with the other models, I'll start paying attention.

As it is, the subject is wide open with little to guide us.

If you do find that you have an idea about time before the universe, I expect that you will be hamstrung trying to explain it, owing to the lack of words in any language suitable for the task.

2005-Feb-02, 08:34 AM
ya the topic is very vast.
the universe could be formed frm the bigbang thoery most of the scientist prediction.ok then why tht bigbang could happen and frm where bcz ofwhich source could it happen
thanx ,r.antoniseb.