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2005-Feb-01, 07:12 PM
SUMMARY: In this article Jeff Barbour explores the origins and development of that "Instrument of Long Seeing" known as the telescope. We trace its roots back to simple hemispheres of crystal and to the first correcting lenses - associated with both near and far-sightedness. We discuss the fundamental image quality problems shown by the earliest telescopes and the steps taken to overcome these limitations over centuries. Despite having explored all this, we still end up with what may ultimately be an unanwerable question: "But where did the telescope really come from?"

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serge masse
2005-Feb-02, 05:07 PM
Great article. I suggest that the author includes a version of it in http://www.wikipedia.org


The Near-Sighted Astronomer
2005-Feb-02, 09:07 PM
Hi Serge,

Thanks for the positive comment. I'd be happy to add the article to Wikipedia. Interestingly I am now writing up another article for UT covering the question: "Where Does Intelligent Life Come From?". In doing my research I was unable to find a single source document that covered (with broad strokes) the evolution of lifeforms on our own planet. So after doing all the research I actually submitted the results to Wikipedia - the first time I even became aware that there was a user-spawned encyclopedia of this type. Since then I have found some marvelous material there - including such esoterica as the collapse of the wave function associated with quantum theory. (I will be referencing this in another article planned for UT.)

Carpe Noctem,


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