View Full Version : Exoflight

2005-Feb-15, 04:49 AM
I've come about a space simulator that was near realease in 2001, but the developer must've abondoned the project because there hasn't been an update since 2001.

Does anyone know what happened, because this looks 10 times better than orbiter, or any other space simulator i've ever seen.

There were only a few pics released, you can see them here (http://www.fasterlight.com/exoflight/).

Man I wish i could get my hands on this, even if it's unifinished, it looks really awesome.

I'm really not a big fan of orbiter, the graphics are far too bland for me to get immersed into it. I've looked everywhere for information on exoflight, but there really isn't much available :(

I really wish this was released, does anybody have any idea what happened?