View Full Version : How it works in space

2005-Feb-16, 11:59 AM
in the weightless space the human being how it works, the blood pressure, the memory, and overall health, especially brain, in the weightlessness position the human brain may feals a compactness and the habit of more speaking may be hamper in the space, may be some timid actions follows while working in the space, in 0 gravity the bloodpressure also be effected in the space, the digestive system may be disturb, the stretch to the body due to the body's weight may be minimise and hence the movement may become faster than on earth and in using same calories the humanbeing may be tiredsome as compare when he was working on the earth. we know the weight of the space suit, the other accessories mounted on the body, but if these remove then there is possibility of speedy movement and in some cases the human body may revolve.