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2005-Feb-16, 07:19 PM
Why is world circle and the other planet are also circuler. Christopher Columbus find it is circuler but how he now?

It not question stupidite but I have curious.

2005-Feb-16, 07:38 PM
Originally posted by Pierre@Feb 16 2005, 07:19 PM
Why is world circle and the other planet are also circuler. Christopher Columbus find it is circuler but how he now?
Hi Pierre,

It was known that the Earth was a Sphere since the ancient Greeks, and perhaps before. The whole business about the Earth being flat was not something you should take as a real representation of Medieval culture and science. What made Columbus' trip possible was some mis-information, in which he thought the world was smaller than it is, and so took a risk sailing West. Lucky for him, there was land in the way of his final destination.

Planets are circular for the same reason that we can't build buildings seven miles tall. They are not strong enough to keep standing against the force of gravity.

2005-Feb-16, 08:33 PM
we can't build buildings seven miles tall

Yet! :o

2005-Feb-16, 08:52 PM
Well, yes. However, any building seven miles tall is going to be built utilizing high technology.

Planets are not built out of high technology. Planets are built out of rock and gases. Like Antoniseb said, once an object is larger than a certain size, rock is not strong enough to hold an irregular shape. Gravity crushes it into a sphere.

Ola D.
2005-Feb-16, 09:02 PM
As Anton said, the notion that Earth is spherical was suggested way before Christopher Columbus.

For instance, Aristotle had suggested this fact with physical evidence that the border of the shadow of Earth on the Moon during the partial phase of a lunar eclipse is always circular, no matter how high the Moon is over the horizon. Moreover, travelers moving to the south see southern constellations rise higher above the horizon. These are some simple evidences supporting the fact that the Earth cannot be flat.

The flat Earth myth became again popular after the downfall of the Roman Empire and the idea of spherical Earth was almost lost.

2005-Feb-17, 09:20 AM
Does the lune make earth circuler as also?

2005-Feb-17, 10:07 AM
les petits asteroïdes sont mauvaise forme car ils n'ont pas beaucoup de grandes planètes de pesanteur et les lunes sont en rond pendant que chaque chose est tirée à leur centre

2005-Feb-17, 10:39 AM
Merci. Devons-nous en conclure que la Terre est circulaire et la Lune aussi? Soit! Ainsi de pesanteur en fait forme la Terre circulaire?

2005-Feb-17, 01:48 PM
oui la pesanteur la forme circulaire fait à une plus grande taille un meilleur cercle

2005-Feb-17, 07:50 PM
Hmm, we need a translater!

2005-Feb-17, 10:27 PM
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2005-Feb-18, 10:23 AM
Do you understand now, Duane, or I'll translate for you...... :)