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2005-Feb-21, 06:35 AM
Hi folks, as I mentioned in a previous newsletter, I've been plucking away at a redesign for Universe Today to fix a few things that have been bothering me. The pictures are significantly larger, and there's a sidebar that includes the last 25 stories on the right-hand side. Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

Oh, this is just a prototype, so most of the links won't work properly. Just look at the single page.


2005-Feb-21, 07:30 AM
cool it will let you jump to other subjects easily
in another popular forum the side bars are a great hit

its like an index thats right there

2005-Feb-21, 09:35 AM
Looking good, Fraser!

Are you going to continue with that size font? I hope so :) because one of my greatest difficulties has been trying to read the text!!! (even with my reading glasses I find it tiresome!) I use a text editor to make it easier for me to read - perhaps it wonīt be necessary if you stick to that font size!! :)

I would like to see the "Space Sites" links continue on the right as up to now. At the bottom of the page I donīt think they will attract any attention - unless you specifically look for them!

The side bar to the last 25 stories is quite a good idea - it will let people search for stories they may feel more interested in & thus encourage more people to visit the forums (which I imagine is your intention! :) )

I like the bigger pictures, too!

Keep up the good work! :)

2005-Feb-21, 04:41 PM
Yeah, I wanted to do a larger font size. It's actually a relative font size too, so you can increase it easily.

2005-Feb-21, 07:42 PM
Hi Fraser,
I like the new design very much. Easy to navigate and the enlarged type and pics makes the site easy on my eyes. I like the information that you keep flowing regardless of the format. Keep up the good work.

2005-Feb-21, 07:52 PM
I like it, much faster, better pictures.

2005-Feb-21, 07:53 PM

I love the new look! The pages are much cleaner and easier to read.

I tried submitting your prototype page to the W3C site for validation, but it got hung up on the lack of encoding type instructions. Try going to http://validator.w3.org and entering your prototype page URL and you'll see what I mean.

It's worth your time to fix this as a validated page will work much better in most browsers.

Looking forward to the new site!


EagleUK :P

2005-Feb-21, 08:07 PM
Thanks Steve, I'll definitely be doing that at the end.

2005-Feb-21, 08:18 PM
Not bad! :D ;)

2005-Feb-21, 08:37 PM
Really a very good desing, but the Google Ads at the top are kind of disturbing.
Perhaps putting them at the right is a good solution, don't you ?? :rolleyes:

2005-Feb-21, 09:59 PM

I agree on the Google Ad. It takes up much too much real estate on the page. A side bar would be better or even down at the bottom, but I would think Google doesn't like that much.

Also... With the links bar on the right and the images also on the right....it has become rightsided "heavy". If the links bar would be shifted to the left then visual balance is achevied. The "Recent forum Threads" could be on the top instead the bottom. As it's a smaller box, it is lost under the weight of the much longer links side bar. Would this be linked as well, as it is currently? If not, then I would keep the "Whats Happening on the Universe Today Forum" setup just the way it currently is on the bottom of the newsletter page.

I like that you are changing things around and asking for input. It means you are indeed a true servant of your readers and passioned about your endeavour.

Too cool. :)

Thanks for your work, as I come to depend on it.

2005-Feb-22, 12:36 AM
I know the Adsense is very prominent, but it kind of pays my rent. :-)

2005-Feb-22, 03:07 AM
I find it hard to change, I like the old design, I think if you like it fraser, go with it, this is your site.

2005-Feb-22, 11:12 AM
Originally posted by zephyr46@Feb 22 2005, 03:07 AM
I find it hard to change, I like the old design, I think if you like it fraser, go with it, this is your site.

I think change is always difficult - we would all prefer to stay with the comfortable, old ways we all know so well but change, though not always, usually brings something good, better than the old ways, a different way of doing things, once we become accustomed to the new we wonder how we got along with the old! :P

uni dude 2005
2005-Feb-22, 07:28 PM

i like the options underneath each page and i think you should have the links bar at the top and group the links down the side so when you click a link it takes you to a page with all the story's and what you put on there on that page


2005-Feb-22, 07:53 PM
:blink: Hi Frasier, yep good buddy like the new idea, keep up the good work ol" pal! Like a few have said the google is a bit of a problem, but as you said you need the pennies! so we will have to let you off ol! chum! just keep those amazing pics coming, & no-one will grumble I"m sure!

Karen M.
2005-Feb-22, 08:13 PM
Hi, Fraser,

I like the redesign, my only suggestion would be with the Google ads on top. Can they be stacked in two colums so that they take up less space on the top?

The idea of the Top 25 on the Left and the link bytes and forum topics on the left might give it a ballanced feel.

Good luck, I love your site!


2005-Feb-23, 05:20 AM
I like the design. Google ads present no problem, since you need money to run the site. Best of luck!

2005-Feb-23, 02:27 PM
nice design of your new site Fraser, well, you can add the no. of pages along with photos, referal sites page, sectionwise photos like jupiter and its moon and so on, the online reference library.+ some different sub-newsletter on different astronomical point of view topics+humour section along with the cartoons related with the humour of astronomy and space, start a special section on astronomy of the old times, some more avtar photos, some more buttons of smilies, some more buttons of hundreds of sites on books, and other sky chart of stars, sky chart at the local location by pressing the button the member can look the sky chart at his longitude. and so on. some information regarding with how to order the verious items through universe today, the payment options thereon, payment after delivery option can be available for the members, to order key chais of universetoday, the charts, catloges,calenders,kids material etc, small booklet on the every planet's information, the topics, some no. of forums on the sectionwise topics to discuss the universe, the forum on only sun, the forum on only global warming, forum on impact on decreasing forests on earth, the earth's forum, the tsunami forum, etc.


2005-Feb-24, 06:37 AM
One Request :

Select a back ground which will give feel of the sky.

2005-Feb-24, 01:45 PM
The Google ads are indeed a problem. Is there any way to move them to one side or the other and put some content or art or something next to them, so it's not just text with tons of white space on either side? How 'bout putting them ABOVE the header, so the page is more unified? Or are you just stuck with the way they come?

I love the body of the page -- the bigger pictures, easier-to-read text, etc. -- but by comparison the header now looks not only isolated (by the Google ads) but somewhat dull . Would you consider a more graphically exciting look? What would really be nice would be a background with a photo or collage of photos -- if it could be done without adding significantly to the time it takes the page to download (although I suppose you could -- maybe you do -- offer a text only version for people with slower connections).

You know, the main thing is that "Universe Today" is such a wonderful resource, and on the whole it looks very good -- I just like to nitpick.

-- Peter

P.S. I like the idea of a background. That would also help unify the page.

2005-Feb-24, 04:46 PM
Fraser, idea of sky picture in the site that's a great one as gnosys told, you can list the site in every university of the world for the speedy interaction and heavy traffic here.

people will get lot of choices to read and write here and they can learn something greater, in my opinion everyone is student forever and this site will defenetly educate and guide them.

2005-Feb-25, 12:52 AM
Well, since you asked, hehehe...
Actually, overall I think that the new design will be fine! I also enjoy not having to crane my neck forward and bump my nose against the screen just to read it. :P
At the very top of the page, however, you may wish to ad some visual relief. The background colors of the Universe Today banner, and the Google ads banner are so close as to make that whole area look like a Google list of ad links. I realize that you gotta pay the rent, but maybe a different background color for each segment might help. I would also suggest that instead of listing all the Google links in the center org the page, vertically, you could have a couple of columns. You could keep the same number of links, and provide for more white space for a nifty visual. Maybe even have a photo feature pic there?
At any rate, the new design gets a thumbs up from here! :D
ps~ abso luv the site!

Mild mannered
2005-Feb-25, 10:52 AM

Cool :D

Much prefer it - like the sidebar with uptodate stories - more accessable


(PS: a great forum to read and find out what's happening out there - Thanks)

2005-Feb-25, 02:26 PM
Background is a good idea, so long as it's simple.

I love the bigger pictures, the easy menu to jump to recent stories and recent posts in the forums.

In regards to the ads: I imagine you're mandated to put them at the top, in such a prominent place, but can you get the option of having a horizontal row of ads instead of a big vertical column? I don't mind the ads; I'm more disappointed that all that whitespace beside them is wasted. If they could be more compact, I'd say the new look is perfect.

2005-Feb-25, 06:54 PM
Could I add one little thing ?

In the current HTML code there's no background color given, and because I've changed my windows colors, the standard bgcolor for me is grey... Could you add BGCOLOR=white into the body ? that way the background actually looks white for me (and maybe others too), as it's supposed to :)


2005-Mar-04, 09:42 PM
:D Superb Fraser,
The new design will allow easier access to follow links toarticles. Plus it looks cool to!!!

2005-Mar-12, 10:12 AM
universe today online journal, universe today encyclopedia, universe today handbook on discussions a compact disk and in book form, universe today complete cd's, universe today dvd's on the sky observation, stars, galaxies, universe today star catlogs with international designs, universe today dictionary of stars, of sky measurements, stars and their complete maps, like moon's map, mars map and so on. some key chains, logos, caps, torch, handy books on astronomy, verious volumes of detail information on each star in the solar system and so on you can add in the site along with some special photo section.

you can add such big photo as sample i have made, the same image i am attaching here, star with a pulsar in its core (name yet not given), you can give such sort of background to the site.


2005-Mar-12, 07:29 PM
i notice the google adds are apparently aimed at the country i live in this seems a good idea and actually makes it friendly.

on the present layout the right hand adds are occasionally clicked on while scrolling with the curser this is a minor disturbance
it does not open a new page so when on dialup its a slow process of getting the browser to return
if opening in a new page then you can let it load in the background for later viewing and carry on with the seriously interesting conversation on the next page

UT is so big and has so many little interesting corners to explore i guess it will take me a few light years to find every thing
thanks for your efforts

2005-Mar-30, 10:52 AM
You can design the site counter for the information to know through the site metre of how many visitors are visiting the site. Please see the example in the picture


2005-Apr-19, 10:54 AM
I think the site's great, the Google adds don't bother me at all I just scroll past em.

2005-Apr-21, 03:54 PM
you could make it valid xhtml http://validator.w3.org

and you can make the google ads on the top wider and not longer

2005-Apr-22, 12:48 PM
can we add all versions in verious segments of the topics?

2005-Apr-23, 05:43 PM
I think it looks great man, Nice and simple, The google ads are a bit bothersome, but i just tend to ignore them anyway and hell if it pays your rent... ther're worth it. I really like how you have employed the KISS method for the design of the site :P

2005-May-08, 01:19 PM
there is a need in every different topic the button of file attachments in the concerned topics like here in WF(website feedback), if this provided there then one can add the refferals thereon in the specific topics.

2005-May-11, 07:57 PM
ads are everywhere. They're no problem for me.

What I really like is the new format of the newsletter. The little blue bullets? very snazzy :)

Karen M.
2005-May-12, 01:33 AM

The new site and newsletter designs look great. I like the font on the newsletters, it's easy to read in style and size. The larger photos are also great. Keep up your wonderful work, I look foward to UT every day in my "inbox".


Brian Sand
2005-May-14, 04:14 AM

The site is looking good. However recently, I have lost the ability to see any of the pictures. Has anyone else had the same problem? I haven't changed a thing on my end, but I am not the only person that uses this computer...

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Sand

2005-May-14, 09:37 AM
Have you already tried emptying your internet files chache?

2005-May-14, 09:55 AM
Fraser, the new look is fine, now, sometime the page takes few time or download completely to open, secondly, the main page of the topics can be manage in the half screen vertically and in the half portion ads can be manage, so that your space will be save here by doing that, and you can also add on the every page the running pages aside, if cursor keeps on a specific topic then the writer can also write and at the same time in the side box he can read the other topic too if he want. there is a unnecessary space has been left for the ckickable smilies it can be manage in the short box, clickable smilies and post icons can be set in the one box, rest the design is fine, and the colours you have chosen to read the page are quite calmful to the eyes (this is important). also you can add the new member directly refer to the rules of the forum very first and with the agreement box there in, for example jumbo55( feck nick name), wants to become the member of the site then no one will tell him the rules of the forum his entry will start from the box of rules of forum then he can proceed further for the topic.

may i correct, please convey


2005-May-15, 05:01 PM
if the main page is set in "FLASH" then it will be look more descent? Fraser.