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2005-Feb-21, 06:10 PM
SUMMARY: Experienced observers tend to think its all so very simple. Buying a scope, setting it up, and using it for the first time lies well behind them on the learning curve. But if you really think about it learning to use an astronomical telescope is no trivial matter. So after being prompted by one UT reader, Astro.Geekjoy's Jeff Barbour decided to set down in word's how to go about making a start of our High Art and Science. Sometime's things aren't as simple as they seem...

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Anthony Jifkins
2005-Feb-22, 02:03 AM

Many thanks, thats a great help. Now I can go and find some of the objects that have alluded me up til now.

The Near-Sighted Astronomer
2005-Feb-22, 09:14 PM
Hi Anthony,

The beauty of observing is there will always be things that elude you - then later as your eye improves and skills mount - wow! You finally find it!

Again Anthony thanks for suggesting the article. I hope it helps others as well.