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2005-Feb-22, 07:00 AM
I don't know how to search this info, so I'll ask if anyone knows of observational evidence to show:

1 Are the stars in galaxies all the same age?
2 Are the stars in the outer arms older than stars towards the center?
3 Are the stars closer to the center of galaxies older?

2005-Feb-22, 02:26 PM
This (http://www.seds.org/messier/more/mw.html) provides a good summary.

2005-Feb-22, 05:18 PM
In spiral galaxies, the older stars are located in the center bulge. Younger stars are in the spiral arms, along with the gas and dust in which they formed.

Elliptical galaxies consist of stars that are around the same age. These galaxies have mostly old stars and no interstellar gas or dust.

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2005-Feb-23, 05:04 AM
Thank both of you for the links. Just what I needed!