View Full Version : bad spam filters

2005-Feb-22, 10:26 PM
Just wanted to throw this out there, in case it may help someone with the Universe Today newsletter getting incorrectly filtered somewhere on their end.

For people using Mozilla Thunderbird (or similar mail clients), it does it's own spam filtering. Initially, it thinks that the Universe Today newsletter is spam, but if you manually mark it as NOT spam a few times, the filter learns not to mark it anymore.

Also, for any other people out there whose mail accounts are setup on a unix system with procmail installed, you can make a procmail rule that will catch the newsletter and put it somewhere before the spam filter runs on the message. Something like this should work:

* ^(Subject|To).*universetoday.com

Where $MAILDIR/.lists.UniverseToday should be replaced by the mail directory you want the newsletter to end up at. Of course, this sort of rule will be dependent on exactly how everything is setup at your site.. Speak to your sysadmin for more help.