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2005-Feb-24, 10:52 AM
permanent space stations in the space that's a good concept, are they safe in floating in the sky, space station can also be use for the cosmodrom for the flight operations at a very high altitude, there is a need of instalation the no.of space stations in the space so that the experiments and other missions of like sending man on different planet become more possible and convinient. what durable metalic body for the space station can be use, for the new exploration there is a need for ascend on a very great hight upper the space stations to make possible the probe of different universe at a very very high altitude. say if a space station is situated at the hight of 60000 feet high, then from that point the space ship can go more upper 60000+60000 feet = 120000 feet higher means the double distance from earth and its ground controlling will be that space station. so the space stations can be use for the future flights of some rovers, rockets etc directly from the space station's bord.