View Full Version : Fraser! I'm going to Canada

2005-Feb-25, 03:50 AM
My girlfriend announced this brilliant idea to me today and it was to take a trip to Vancouver Canada. The first thing that popped into my head was, "Hey!! I know someone from Canada!! Fraser Cain, I bet he'll know of some nifty things to do that'd be right up my ally." :D

Anyway, if you and or anyone else here in the forum have any suggestions about some "must see" things while in or around Vancouver Canada it would be really appreciated.


2005-Feb-25, 04:20 AM
From my experience (my Dad's from Canada) Vancouver's good for a one-day visit or a long-term stay, not a week of touristy sightseeing.

2005-Feb-25, 05:16 AM
you could set up for the party to be held in Fraser's backyard

2005-Feb-25, 05:39 AM
Wait a minute Dame... Fraser, I thought we'd pick a date when most people could be there, not just the Sphinxer! :o :angry:

2005-Feb-25, 05:41 AM
Unfortunately, I moved out of Vancouver about 7 months ago, but my wife was a tour guide, so here are her suggestions:

Grouse Mountain skyride
Capilano Suspension Bridge
Storeum in Gastown
Stanley Park
Sun Yat Sen Gardens
Granville Island
Robson/Denman/Davie Streets

And let me know what kind of food you like and I'll recommend some restaurants.

2005-Feb-25, 06:58 AM
I guess that would be the highlight of your tour, Sphynx! a visit to Fraser's island town. Just watch out for the spysatellite receivers, radiotelescope array, particle accelerator, and fusion reactor! You might trip over them! :D Just kidding, fraser! Go Sphynx! Meet the Man himself, in the flesh! That would be something!

2005-Feb-25, 02:11 PM
:D You guys are great. Thanks for the suggestions Fraser, I'll have to look into those. As far as food goes I'm the adventerous one (having lived in Okinawa for a few years as a younger lad) so the more unique the better but my girlfriend is about as basic as it gets. I pretty much have to force her to try anything that doesn't look or smell familiar to her. So, if we could find a few restaurants that met somehwere in the middle here that would be awesome, especially because dinner is usually the highlight of my day!! :lol: Unique yet classically flavored.