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2005-Feb-25, 05:33 PM
SUMMARY: Here's a beautiful 1280x1024 wallpaper photo of Saturn taken by Cassini. Actually, this isn't a single photo, but a composite image built up of 126 separate images taken by Cassini over the course of 2 hours on October 6, 2004. The full resolution image is 8888x4544 pixels, and serves as the best picture of Saturn taken by Cassini so far. Features as small as 38 km (24 miles) across are visible at this resolution.

View full article (http://www.universetoday.com/am/publish/wallpaper_panoramic_saturn.html)

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2005-Feb-25, 07:07 PM
wow another holiday snap from our friend casini
I told my then 10 yr old grand daughter that the robot that was taking off in a rocket to saturn for a holiday and will get there when she was 16 yrs old
we have watched the progress over the years now we look forward to the pictures and exciting discoveries 'our-- her-- nasa's ' robot is sending back

2005-Feb-27, 09:03 PM
That is another truly great image of Saturn from Cassini! :) It is a tremendous "labour of love" from the Cassini team at NASA, it must have taken a great deal of patience to stitch together so many images to give this, the best ever, shot of the "Lord of The Rings"! :)

2005-Feb-28, 06:48 AM
Yeah! This is a great image of saturn! I decided to put it on my screen as wallpaper! Could somebody enlighten me on this: Why does the light source (sun)seems to be below saturn's plane? Is the rotational axis of saturn tilted with respect to the solar plane? (or saturn's plane is above the solar plane? is this possible?)