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2005-Feb-28, 07:06 PM
SUMMARY: When Huygens landed on Titan, it saw river channels, beaches, islands and swirling fog. So Saturn's largest moon is definitely wet: not from water, but from liquid methane (aka natural gas). And if this methane can fall as rain, it's entirely possible that there could be rainbows, as the Sun's light passes through methane droplets. A methane rainbow would be a larger than a water rainbow because it bends light differently. Sunlight has trouble passing through Titan's hazy atmosphere, but you might be able to see an infrared rainbow with the right kind of camera.

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2005-Feb-28, 11:08 PM
To make a long story short, Titan is wet.

I must say this is all highly speculative, I consider all these reports on methane rain as bad science. We didn't see any rain falling, the probe didn't land in a lake and the pebbles could be just that, pebbles and the "rivers" have only been imaged poorly. I can't understand why the Cassini team is so eager to claim Titan's surface is wet. Much more data is needed.