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2005-Mar-08, 06:23 PM
SUMMARY: I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I've been investing a lot of time, effort, and money into improving Universe Today over the last few years. There's a lot of original content that you won't find anywhere else on the Internet. I get emails every day that say Universe Today is their favorite place on the Internet, so there must be at least a few fans. If you find Universe Today valuable, please take a moment and send in a donation. I continually reinvest these donations back into the website itself, so anything you can spare is greatly appreciated.

Click this link and donate online with Paypal.


Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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2005-Mar-09, 09:08 AM
can u use the 2 big white spaces to the right and left of the 'ads by google' at the top for something? maybe diff advertising... to bring in some more $ for you...
its the first thing ppl see :)

2005-Mar-09, 09:25 AM
B) :huh: I dont think thats posible. The google ads bit is compiled by google, not Frazer. I think the new look news page is exellant. All the links are there and the pics are bigger. You are a bloody geniouse Frazer. May your skies be clear.

2005-Mar-09, 10:57 AM
Please let me tell that how to send the donation and on which address?
secondly can i send the same through electronic money order? from India.

2005-Mar-09, 12:19 PM
Well i design a lot including sites.
I thinkt he new site looks nice but.. it seems a bit less proffesional then this one. thats because of the big lettertype you used. Maybe make them small like normal and make an option where people can watch it in big letter in case they have toruble reading it.

2005-Mar-09, 12:26 PM
Sry forgot to login that was me ^^