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2005-Mar-09, 12:31 AM
Here an idea with following question: Could such a thing work in principle.
The idea is partly inspired by hot air balloons, partly bu "burn - glasses" (if it is called so). The idea is step by step: Those hot air balloons I have seen at least use an apparatus, that heatens the air. Why not a hot air balloon, where sun does the job? Perhaps such a thing already exists? Perhaps non- spherical forms would help, for example by "lensing" solar rays, thereby heating the air. Further: One could make an "exit" for this hot air, which in turn may have been speeded up?
If it is so, one might have an "engine" for movement. And this fictive device would be able to not only "float up", but to move around, without any "fuel" of its own.
A little fantasy-device. But could it work in principle?

2005-Mar-09, 03:05 AM
a good idea and worth doing some research into.
the top of the baloon would be transparent and the bottom would have to be black .
the material would have to be very light and the frame to support it
It would also have to be very light to would be actually able to lit itself let alone a payload.
the actual temperature in a normal balloon is a lot higher than a solar one could reach.

So to see if it is viable find out what volume of air and what temperature will lift(float) what weight.

Find out what temperature a solar lense of light plastic will get up to.

I know that a CO2 filled balloon is capable of lensing sound perhaps a gass with a different refractive index could help to focuss sun rays.

A reflecting convex mirror of mylar focussing heat onto a black metal grid would send hot upwards to a balloon.

A black balloon ??

thats just a few ideas-- comments --any one else ?? chuck in some ideas weird or not.

with modern tech there might be something here
like the lazer when it was invented they thought what use will it be lol

who knows what might happen and a solution to a totally unlelated problem as yet un thought of could occure

2005-Mar-09, 07:28 AM
Just park your car in the sun, and wow does the temp.go up inside the car. dark grey or black interior. This solar heated ballon idea is so simple it must work. Not so positive that propeling it across the landscape is so easy. Ballonists like the early morning to catch the still air. There might not be enuff heat in it at that early hour. Remenbering the air conditioner was a fridge with the door open first. The fridge was just a air pump that overheated. So while you are being a clevar clogs how do we exeed light speed by 100 fold.

2005-Mar-09, 08:38 AM
i envisuage some thing round and roughly shaped like a lense.

it would probably be some 20 to 100 feet in diameter and once inflated and set free
will wander across the land rising and falling as the sun heats or does not heat it

definately giving rise to many flying saucer sightings and perhaps a few abduction stories


2005-Mar-09, 09:04 AM
A few quick notes on your flying device:

1. It would only work in the daytime.
2. It could not use CO2 as the gas as that is much heavier than air. You could use Methane (another, and much lighter, greenhouse gas) but that is explosive.
3. You would need to make the device out of a very light weight good insulator.
4. Such devices would be dangerous in stormy weather.

There is a good idea there, but it will need some work to find the right niche for it to be commercial.

2005-Mar-09, 04:37 PM
is there a possibility to run a balloon on solar energy, that device will run on this energy and the device will continue to supply gas and outer air also in such a proportion so that the balloon will be in balance position, but how far the conversion is possible of solar energy into kinetic energy? the balloon can also carry some cameras to shoot the surface photos, some small devices to test the atmospheric pressure, temperature etc.

your idea is great one.

2005-Mar-09, 10:15 PM
an average thermal is solar energy and it is used to fly gliders.
the concept of an robotic baloon type machine would open the way for new uses and new technology.
perhaps a hybrid solar/ helium system using the suns heat to controll the acent desent.
For instance if the balloon is decending due to bad conditions then it releases stored heat into a compartment and rises.
Alternatively if it acends too much an automatic device releases the hot gass as well as at the same time storing the extra energy from the higer altitude suns rays.

at this stage of thought I see a devise that maintains a height of say 10 miles and above commercial flights and is able to maintain this height for weeks at a time.

No controll as to where it goes though

2005-Mar-11, 10:32 PM
Solar heated balloon (http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2004/03/03/103/?nc=1)

around the world balloon (http://www.learnersonline.com/weekly/archive99/week11/)

If you look at the picture in the second link the dark part at the top of the balloon is designed to heat the air and save on fuel.