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2005-Mar-11, 02:45 PM
I found this site accidentally while I was looking for O.S.C.A.R. (Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio) satellite frequencies.

J-Track Satellite Tracking (http://science.nasa.gov/Realtime/jtrack/)

On this site, you can watch the track of the International Space Station, Hubble, Chandra, Search & Rescue, GPS, Weather, Amateur Radio, and many other satellites.

On a clear night you can use your computer to find out when an object is going to pass over your area, then go out and try to find it.

They even have a 3D JTrack. It takes a little more memory, but it is very cool.

By the way, it is looking very crowded up there. :rolleyes:

2005-Mar-11, 06:57 PM
yah, I just came across the J-Track site myself... really kewl... B)

2011-Aug-26, 02:05 AM
Cant get to j-track. Did they take it down??

2011-Aug-26, 01:17 PM
I moved this thread from Astronomy to Space Exploration (that was probably an appropriate forum back in 2005).

Here is the NASA J-Track webpage (http://science.nasa.gov/realtime/jtrack/), but it doesn't seem to be working, at least at the moment.