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2005-Mar-14, 03:20 PM
Albert Einstein is often quoted as having said, "God is subtle, but He is not malicious."

I have the feeling that he was quoting someone, but I can't find the source of the quote. As we all know, AE's milk tongue was German-- so I tried to translate it backwards:

"Raffiniert ist der Herr Gott, aber boschaft ist Er nicht."

Forgive me if I botched it-- I can never remember the difference between "die" and "der" (so I flipped a coin). At any rate, the German version is hauntingly familiar. It looks like something Nietsche would have said, but I can't find any reference. Does anybody know where it came from? Thanks-- Steve

Algenon the mouse
2005-Mar-15, 05:47 AM
You have the Der right. It is masculine. Die is femmine. I am not sure about the rest though. schaft usually refers to craft like in Wissenschaft or knowledge craft (science). Most Germans just say Herr like we say the Lord. But I only spent a couple of years in Germany so I could be wrong. And no, I have not heard of it before.

Dave Mitsky
2005-Mar-15, 02:12 PM
Every reference I've looked at via Google and Dogpile has attributed the quote to Einstein.

It's not from Nietzsche but here's one that is that seems to indicate his way of thinking, "A subject for a great poet would be God's boredom after the seventh day of creation."

Dave Mitsky

2005-Mar-15, 11:00 PM
Dave's quote:
"... seventh day of creation."

I've read this, several times, in this forum.

I thought we ALL knew that the biblical account of creation was SIX days.

(Professor Gerald L. Schroeder confirms this as to be translated as six COSMIC days.)

Dave Mitsky
2005-Mar-16, 10:08 AM
What would a "cosmic" day be equal to, I wonder?

The meaning of the Nietzsche quote, as I intepret it, is that God would begin to be bored with creation after experiencing its completion for a "day", thus the use of the seventh day. At any rate, any further religious discussion should be curtailed according to the UT guidelines.

Dave Mitsky