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2005-Mar-14, 06:15 PM
SUMMARY: NASA's Spirit rover has been fortunate enough this week to spot a tiny dust devil scurrying across the surface of Mars. The various orbiters have seen crisscrossing dust devil tracks, but this is the first time one has been captured on camera from the surface. It also appears that Spirit was recently dusted off by one of these mini-twisters, cleaning off accumulations of dust, and boosting its available power for operations. This also happened a few months ago to Spirit's twin, Opportunity.

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2005-Mar-14, 07:03 PM
sound like we better include some people from kansas in our first colonization atempt.

2005-Mar-14, 10:21 PM
Where is the dust devil in the pic? I can't see it, is it just me?

2005-Mar-15, 01:12 PM
Originally posted by Midnight_Toker@Mar 14 2005, 10:21 PM
I can't see it, is it just me?
I didn't see it either. I took this as a sign that I might need a better monitor, but now that I've seen your message, I've having my doubts.

It's good news that some of the dust got swept off of Spirit.

2005-Mar-15, 04:38 PM
here is a pic with arrows pointing to two "dust devils" that spirit captured

I hope that worked... first time at trying to add a pic...

if it didnt... heres the weblink http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/missions/mer/image...ges.cfm?id=1580 (http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/missions/mer/images.cfm?id=1580)

Still quite hard to see them, but I think I can kinda make 1 out.

2005-Mar-15, 04:44 PM
and here are some more... you can clearly see them in these pics

http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/figures/P...A07458_fig1.jpg (http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/figures/PIA07458_fig1.jpg)

http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/figures/P...A07458_fig1.jpg (http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/figures/PIA07458_fig1.jpg)

2005-Mar-15, 05:28 PM
Oops Darrius, maybe these pictures need to be resized, it clutters the thread.

I found this webpage (http://www.lyle.org/~markoff/collections/Spiritsol421_420_navcam.gif) very helpful; the image jumps between presence and absence of the dustdevil, it is clearly visible.


2005-Mar-16, 10:36 AM
Whoa.... sorry guys..... didnt realise it would come out that big! :D

ah well....least you can see them

2005-Mar-16, 10:37 AM
dammit forgot to sign in! I'm having a bad day

2005-Mar-16, 11:23 AM
Originally posted by Guest@Mar 16 2005, 10:36 AM
Whoa.... sorry guys..... didnt realise it would come out that big!
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