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2005-Mar-15, 06:05 PM
SUMMARY: A hardy robot from Carnegie Mellon has found life in Chile's Atacama desert; one of the driest and most lifeless places on Earth. Life is barely detectable over most parts of Atacama, but the rover (named ZoŽ) was able to detect lichens and bacterial colonies in two regions that it explored. The solar-powered rover provides a good example of the kind of technology that will probably used to search for life on Mars. Next year ZoŽ will travel autonomously for two months, traveling 50 km in the search for life.

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2005-Mar-16, 01:33 PM
good for him

2005-Mar-16, 01:39 PM
I wonder how long it takes between Earth testing to blast off.

2005-Mar-16, 09:59 PM
What if this sort of rover couldn't find chlorophyll, DNA,protein, or any visual images that would suggest life on Mars? Is it back to the drawingboard? There's just too many factors to consider. For one, the wind could "implant" lifeform or seeds to any part of the globe and the find could just be coincidental with some seasonal change, and that these lifeforms would eventually die out since they cannot be sustained out there but only replenished by the wind from time to time. If it's the limit of the detectors they are testing, the desert is not the place for it. One can evaluate detection limit anywhere. Maybe they are testing if those instruments work in such an environment (which is very different from martian environment).

2005-Apr-24, 03:13 AM
This story is interesting. We have robots that are soler powerd need virtualy no power sorce that have detected life in the desert.

Ther is a problum with this thou, the robot found life in the desert a very hot place. Mars is a frozen planet. Don't get me wrong i think that we will find some sort of life on mars still living or in fossel form. I just think this isent the type of thing that people should be geting excited about, if we dount find anything they may start thinking that exploration is a waste of time.