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2005-Mar-25, 06:47 PM
Is it is generally believed that all the land masses formed together at a single location on earth and by what process did it get there?

John L
2005-Mar-25, 07:12 PM
Based on the measured motions of the crustal plates you can turn the clock backwards and they all slide back together. Look at the Mid Atlantic Ridge for example. It is the point that new crustal material is being created, pushing North and South America away from Europe and Africa. You can also see that if you moved North and South America to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge they fit the shape of the ridge, as does Europe and Africa.

I don't know how the first continents were created, though...

paul f. campbell
2005-Mar-26, 02:41 AM
Hi the surface of the earth never stops moving. Although to us it virtually goes unnoticed. The continents float on huge slabs of rock that we call tectonic plates.
These plates move around the earth, and as they move they drag/push the continents with them. the tectonic plates are driven by the heat and pressure that lay beneath the crust. Most scientists feel that the supercontinent cycle has happend several times in the last 400 million years. The last supercontinent movement
was some 300 million years ago. It split into two main land masses some 200 million years ago, and then spilt again and they are still drifting away from each other. Some day they will coalesce to form a supercontinent again. I think the heating and cooling of the different rock groups is what makes the tectonic plates move the continents from one place to another. later Paul F. Campbell