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2005-Mar-30, 05:19 PM
SUMMARY: A powerful Proton K rocket blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan Tuesday night, carrying a Russian Express-AM2 communications satellite. It lifted off at 2231 GMT (5:31 pm EST), and placed its payload into a geosynchronous transfer orbit a few hours later. The Express-AM2 satellite will provide broadcast television and other communication services for Russia and Southeast Asia.

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2005-Apr-01, 03:38 PM
Not another russian comunications satellite ! Another piece of rubbish to clear from space. I am always worried when the life of these satellites , some are only up there for a matter of 10 years orso. and they will have to be replaced by another one. What happens to the old one does it degrade into many pieces or can it be collected and reused. The old satellite anolgue ASTRA satellites seem to be doing good service and lasting even though sky have replace there old anolgue programs to digital for some years now. But the old satellites are still being used . Which i applaud ASTRA for finding a use. Shame the same cant be said of the many comunications satellites, civil/military ones which some of them are burning up and some are a menace . I would love to know how obselete comunications satellites there up there .
chris lee