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2005-Apr-05, 04:56 PM
SUMMARY: Starburst galaxies get their name from the enormous amount of star formation going on inside them; on average, they create 50 times as many stars as regular galaxies like our own Milky Way in vast regions of furious star formation. Astronomers from the UK think these regions could also be the home to black holes. The team looked at Hubble images of these star-forming regions, and compared them to X-ray images of the same locations and found the telltale signs for both star formation and black holes.

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2005-Apr-06, 12:44 AM
This kind of finding always brings to my mind the question of a black hole's relationships to galaxy size. Is the galaxy big due to the gravatational influence of the SMBH, sucking in gas from distant regions like a giant vacuum cleaner? Or is the SMBH a passive recipient of disturbed dust it happens to collect from galactic mergers? I think the jury is still out on which model is most correct for galaxy formation. Is accretion the predominant process or the initial formation process with the SMBH as the instrumental figure driving galaxy formation?