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2005-Apr-07, 05:31 PM
SUMMARY: In preparation for its return to flight, the space shuttle Discovery made the long slow journey atop its Crawler Transporter out to the launch pad yesterday. A small crack was discovered in the fuel tank insulation, but engineers didn't feel it was enough of a risk to delay Discovery from moving out to the launch pad. If everything goes well, Discovery will lift off on May 15, but a final report from the Columbia Accident Investigation Board could demand additional changes that would push the launch back.

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2005-Apr-08, 01:32 PM
This article should serve as a means to discuss the relevance and and safety issues around the American manned space program. I was wondering what people thought about some reports that all of the safety issues haven't been adequately addressed. This would certainly not be a new thing for NASA to press on when it is not completely ready. The flip side is that I do not know how long you can ground the shuttle program before the U.S. space program objectives and infrastructure (ie ISS) begin to break down irrevocably. Considering that, I am with NASA in pushing forward with the next launch.