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2005-Apr-13, 06:18 PM
SUMMARY: Astronomers searching for potentially destructive Earth-crossing asteroids have revised the scale they use to communicate the risk of impact to the public. The Torino scale, which still goes from 0 (no chance of impact) to 10 (collision is certain) has the same classifications, but it's been rewritten to give the public a better idea of the risks associated with different space rocks. Instead of "meriting concern", lower risk objects now "merit attention by astronomers", explaining that astronomers will be making further observations.

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2005-Apr-15, 01:28 AM
Whats this about the previous version scaring the public. Early this year there was an asteroid which had a 1 in 40 chance of hitting in 2029 which barely was mentioned on the news. The only people I remember mentioning it were space buffs. Some of them even appeared to be cheering it on.