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2005-Apr-18, 02:50 PM
SUMMARY: NASA's DART mission, which launched on Friday to test automated docking techniques, was prematurely shut down on Saturday when the spacecraft ran out of fuel. DART launched perfectly on board a Pegasus XL rocket and reached within 90 meters of its target, an inactive satellite already in orbit. It was supposed to make several close approaches to the satellite, but it didn't even have enough propellant for one pass. Mission controllers aborted the mission and fired its deorbit rockets to put it into a decaying orbit where it will burn up. An investigation team has been assigned to figure out what went wrong.

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Eric Vaxxine
2005-Apr-19, 11:52 AM
Crikey. Disposable or what? How many $'s did this cost? :o

2005-Apr-19, 08:02 PM
Something that close makes me wonder if they couldn't burn some attitudinal rockets, or a brief burst from those deorbiting rockets, to gain the last 90 yards. As the old expression goes, we were 'a day late and a dollar short.' :rolleyes: