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2005-Apr-20, 05:20 PM
SUMMARY: NASA's Lunar Prospector hinted at the possibility that there are pockets of water ice in permanently shadowed craters at the Moon's poles. These reservoirs of water would be and invaluable supply of drinking water and air for astronauts, as well as the raw material for propellants. Scientists just need to confirm that it's there. NASA will be sending a new spacecraft, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, in 2008. It'll have four separate instruments capable of detecting water. So, we might know the answer soon.

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2005-Apr-21, 04:52 AM
maybe it would be worth while to set up an expereiment to see if water would not evaporate on impact with moon like body..

roughly something like:

Create close to vacume box

use dust rocky patlform to simulate a surface on the moons..

Fire tiny ice comets at 4km/s documents the heat generated..with sensor buried beneath the platform.
factor in the difference in gravity..

any errors??

Eric Vaxxine
2005-Apr-21, 08:41 AM
It sounds a bit fishy...visit moon last century and don't return for 30 years. Map moon...Clementine...prospect moon...Prospector...... and we still don't know if there are useable minerals on it?
Perhaps there is more going on on the moon than we know about ! Perhaps it is not our territory to take. If we can afford to send rovers to MARS surely it would be a darn site easier to send the same to the moon to search for stuff.

Sorry, it just isn't straightforward.

2005-Apr-21, 11:32 AM
The most reduced rock from the moon, Apollo 14 basalt 14053: Its unique features and their origin. Lawrence A. Taylor*, Allan Patchen, Rhiannon G. Mayne and Dong-Hwa Taylor Planetary Geosciences Institute, Earth and Planetary Sciences, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996, U.S.A.

The Apollo 14 high-Al basalt, 14053, is the most reduced lunar rock examined to date. Both fayalite in the mesostasis and spinel minerals have been extensively reduced in the exterior of the rock, whereas the interior contains relatively limited reduction. It is shown that these products are the effects of solar-wind hydrogen that was implanted on the exterior of the "normal" 14053 basalt after it originally crystallized and was weathered to become part of the regolith. Subsequent reheating, probably in an impact-ejecta blanket, caused extreme subsolidus hydrogen reduction, particularly of the weathered exterior of this rock. The limited permeability of the rock prevented the entire rock from being subjected to the same degree of reduction. It is proposed that this extreme reduction, especially of the mesostasis, also affected the phosphate minerals, F-Cl apatite and merrillite, each of which vary greatly in REE contents. This effect on the phosphate minerals could relate to the upset Sm-Nd radiogenetic systematics, whereas the Rb-Sr system may have been largely immune to the subsolidus reduction.

2005-Apr-22, 03:01 AM
"It is shown that these products are the effects of solar-wind hydrogen that was implanted on the exterior of the "normal" 14053 basalt after it originally crystallized and was weathered to become part of the regolith. "

So its safe to assume that even if there is water on the moon it would be useless unless treated with hydrogen, or electrically , since it has been so drastically reduced.. maybe we can use it as a source of energy like a battery.. we have the positive Anode on the lunar surface we only need to supply a oxidising agent.."


my electro chem is little rusty though so be gentle with the reply..

And Eric..

I agree what is the deal???? maybe we contribute this to the political unrest in the space faring nations but I think there is more to it than that..

2005-Apr-22, 12:53 PM
there is huge need for the geological excavations on mars and as well as moon, because the possibility cannot be ruled out of water on any such plantets, people are testing on only surface but what was there in the inner surface we don't know, the excavations found the previous life style of earth like harappan, egyptian civilisations there is also a possibility of such kind of work in the inner planets may water is also the one of content of it.