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2005-Apr-22, 04:37 PM
SUMMARY: This image shows nebula N214, a large region of dust and gas located in the neighbouring Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy. The image was taken using the European Southern Observatory's 3.5m New Technology telescope (NTT) located at La Silla in Chile. The central, brightest spot in the nebula isn't a star, but a cluster of stars that add up to about 80 solar masses. The large blob of gas at the top of the nebula probably contains a massive star, probably 40 times our Sun, which is putting out 200,000 times as much energy.

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2005-Apr-22, 06:19 PM
Fascinating. The monster star at the top of the image is old enough to be ferociously fusing, but young enough that the remnant of its accretion disc still casts a shadow. Wonder how long it'll last? S

2005-Apr-22, 08:27 PM
The other interesting thing about this image is the strings of fainter stars that seem to be all over this area. Most of them line up with density lines in the dust with a couple of prominent examples sitting roughly at right angles.

Any ideas on what's causing these? I assume someone else has noticed and studied this... ;) ... I don't think it's just my imagination!