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2005-Apr-25, 05:23 AM
SUMMARY: Knowing where to go involves exploring or using a map. Rather than reinventing the wheel, so to speak, everyone looks at a map when starting a journey. This speeds up their travels and lets them discuss their whereabouts with others. Robin Scagell in his book Night Sky Atlas provides the maps and directions to give the neophyte stargazer a leg up on their understanding of the heavens. So don't go guessing on where to look for which constellation, start with this book then take that first step into astronomy.

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2005-Apr-25, 03:22 PM
This sounds like a good book to get i have a few like it and thay have helped alot. I think i would like to get it.

2005-Apr-26, 02:13 AM
looks good---but do you recall H.A Reys (?) classic? the title escapes me---but it sort-of remains as the 'primer' for those who have skies dark enough to, as he shows, reveal the numerous mag 4 and below stars that actually match most constellation to their names. i think it was titled 'the stars, a new way to see them', or such.

it's still invaluable, and i think still in print. the value? fastest 'contellation' teaching, as you are shown orion's semi-circle of stars as his shield, his upraised 'weapon' to strike the charging 'taurus'---the sky comes to life in a very un-intimidating way, for beginners---fueling thirst for an 'atlas'---

one thing i hope to someday see, eludes us---when will an atlas show the femine 'coma benises' for what it is---'x'-rated? cheers