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2005-Apr-29, 04:20 PM
SUMMARY: This image, taken by the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft, shows the Tithonium Chasma region of the Valles Marineris canyon on Mars. It ranges from 10 to 110 km (6 to 68 miles) in width, and has a maximum depth of 4 km (2.5 miles). The edges of the canyon have gone through significant erosion, and it's possible to see several landslides. Since Valles Marineris cuts so deep into Mars' surface, it gives geologists a unique view back in time through Mars' geologic history.

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2005-Apr-29, 04:21 PM
such a grea pic from this craft and good info on Mars

2005-Apr-29, 07:29 PM
Back where I come from they used to call this a box canyon, though those were usually quite a bit smaller. I used to live in Yuma, Arizona and there the flat sands of the desert meet the Colorado River flood plains, where much of the farming goes on (what folks haven't stupidly paved over for houses and RV-parks). From the flood plains you can see this tall thickness of sand that stretches to some mountains beyond. This is the kind of layering I see in this Mars picture.

In this case, however, I expect that some recurrent or prevailing wind has carved the valley.

Notice to the left, past the impact crater, there is a line which parallels the edge of the surrounding mesa. I'll bet that's a fracture showing a segment that is about to slump down into the valley.