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2005-May-05, 05:33 PM
SUMMARY: Skywatchers are in for a treat tonight as the eta Aquarid meteors will be putting on a show. Observers in the southern hemisphere should be able to see 15-60 meteors an hour depending on the darkness of the skies. Those in the northern hemisphere won't be so lucky, seeing only about 10 meteors an hour. Look to the constellation of Aquarius, towards the East in the early morning of May 6, and you should see a more than a few meteors. Be patient, dress warmly, and bring a friend or two..

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2005-Jun-19, 07:22 AM
I seen one come in when i was in Houston Texas. (96-97?) Close up.

Yeah, a streak or tube of light thats what caught my right eye then, it became a ball of firer. It appeared that when it became a ball of firer it's speed and direction may have changed, like when a bullet hits the water. It didn't appear to swim but just radically slowed down and changed it's downward course somewhat. As it continued across the night sky the flames appeared to be unaffected in that they didn't wave or arch back from the direction it was traveling. Yet, as the flames started to go out at the front, from the rear a tail of firer, a large tail of firer detached itself momentarily then reattached to the ball. Although, the majority of it was on firer(75%?), it went out as if a switch turned it off poff, it was out but, you could still see it as a black oval shaped object rotating upward toward the heavens as it moved across what appeared to be , in relation to the black object, a dark blue sky. It was awsome.

A few hours later i shared what i had seen with a co-worker who knew that I had seen somthing special. The next day, all the newspaper said was their was going to meteor showers or their had been, can't remember. Any way, when the article was shown to my co-worker he got on it and talk to somebody and came back big eyed and wanted to confirm how big it was even though it had been described to him the night before. And, sometime later(days) i was quized by seperate individuals whom i didn't know, on the size of the meteor. -end of story-

2005-Jun-20, 03:07 AM
seems as if that was a really big one
lucky to have seen it .

2005-Jun-21, 01:51 AM
Yes, it was great to me but, it's gott'a be considered, fine dust compared to all the other sea monsters out their whether meteor or other. Anyway, thought I'd come by and put a drop in the ol'bucket. Isaiah 40:15-17

2005-Jun-21, 02:00 AM
gofree, how high up was the object when it "went out"? You didn't go and try to find it? I sure would have. I think that would be the most incredible thing ever- finding a meteorite that you saw fall.

btw, we've got some rules on the forum regarding politics & religion (->Website Feedback thread). We're always glad to see a new face with whom to discuss astronomy, but you'll have to drop the scripture refs. see you on the forum.