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2005-May-11, 05:23 PM
SUMMARY: Think astronomy is a boring task of poring over data or staring at star chart after start chart? Sometimes, it can get downright exciting, like when a worldwide alert goes off signifying a new gamma ray burst in the sky. Monday, May 9, 2005 saw not one, but two, gamma ray bursters as NASA's HETE-2 and SWIFT gamma satellites each managed to sound the alarm from low-earth orbit. One of these events may prove to be just the breakthrough needed to help astrophysicists better understand just how such highly explosive actually events come about. But they've really got to hustle to get the objects imaged before they fade away, and take all their secrets with them.

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2005-May-11, 05:40 PM
Great Story. I'll be following this one pretty closely. I hope UT can keep us up to date as the results pour in.

2005-May-11, 05:59 PM
I agree.

This is great news.

Information from the study cataclysmic events like these may help us fit together various pieces in our understanding of the universe.

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The Near-Sighted Astronomer
2005-May-11, 10:54 PM
A related article now posted on UT is now brigning home some of the learnings from GRB 050509B.

Don Alexander
2005-May-12, 03:54 PM
This article contains so many errors that I will refrain from commenting it further...

The Near-Sighted Astronomer
2005-May-12, 05:04 PM
I suspect that there's no sliding down poles and wearing funny hats among the "Gamma Ray Busters"

Who ya gonna call?