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2005-May-11, 06:48 PM
SUMMARY: I heard on the radio today someone bemoaning the fact that, after 18 years, they will no longer have new Star Trek episodes to watch. The current and apparently final rendition is Star Trek Enterprise that, as a prequel, fills in the Star Trek time line between the discovery of the warp drive engine and the original series with Kirk, Spock, McCoy and company. Though there won't be new episodes, lots of fun can still be had from (re) watching the old Star Trek episodes, including those in the new collection Star Trek Enterprise - Season 1.

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2005-May-11, 09:29 PM
Well don't fret yet, I was listening to a program one day not to long ago, that they are talking about another show, but no factual details, maybe just speculation. I really think though that as popular as Star Trek is, I think they won't let anyone down. :D

2005-May-11, 10:28 PM
Here's hoping this isn't the end. the end of Enterpirse is one thing. the end of Star Trek is another ... If only there were someway to bring back Roddenberry. Perhaps Enterprise can follow it's namesake and go into syndication too?

Also, just out of interest, I'm pretty sure it's Mike and Denise Okuda (not Acadia).

2005-May-12, 02:45 PM
I liked the original series, and of course The Next Generation. I find Enterprise less fun as the other series of Star Trek, but otherwise, it has some brilliant episodes, like the ones with the Xindi in season 3.

Lets hope for a Star Trek movie and a brand new serie.

2005-May-26, 08:11 PM
I believe this series lost a lot of viewers old and new when the format was changed from a series of one or two episode stories to a single one full season story much like babylon 5.

Changing the music probably didnt help either. There is something called traditon.

Unfortunately there is still much fill in info that won't be addressed.


2005-May-27, 08:54 AM
When there was a poll on the Startrek series, old & new, I said at the time I didn't much like the first season of Enterprise - that is until the last couple of episodes when things started to pick up.

Here in the UK we are still seeing the 2nd season of Enterprise & I must admit this business with the Expanse & the Xindi have made more episodes well worth the seeing - I even look forward to seeing Enterprise on a Sunday evening & I really love the double episodes we are being treated to! :)

Has anyone noticed the similarities between Voyager & Enterprise? Voyager, under Captain Janeway's strong desire to get her ship & crew home, crossed an area of space unknown to the Federation & met many new species. Likewise, Captain Archer, propelled by his strong urge to save the Earth from total destruction from the Xindi, meets many new races as he crosses the Expansion in his quest to find & destroy the weapon that is being made to destroy the Earth.

There are many more similarities that I could mention & that remind me constantly of Voyager.