View Full Version : Electrons moving towards the Sun

2005-May-16, 08:04 AM
Is anyone aware of there being electrons detected moving towards the Sun, from any source?

The Solar Wind contains electrons (and protons) moving away from Sun. But even some of these electrons might collide with particles and scatter in all directions, in which case a proportion should be detected moving in the opposite direction.

Other Solar Wind electrons might reflect off planetary magnetopsheres, in which case they should also be detectable.

And there might be other electrons, perhaps with very low, or very high energies that are difficult to detect?

Ian Tresman

2005-May-16, 08:21 AM
Umm... well yes, sort of.
We all reconise the rather masive praportons of the solar mass.
We understand that anything that does not have the approprate orbital valocity will be drawn into the masive gravity field that has the sun at its center. electrons and all.