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2005-May-17, 05:16 PM
SUMMARY: Just a few weeks after smashing a chunk off Drygalski ice tongue, iceberg B-15A is still wreaking havoc off the coast of Antarctica. Now it's about to crash into the Aviator Glacier - a 25 km (16 mile) long spear of ice stretching into the ocean. The European Space Agency's Envisat Earth observation satellite captured this image of B-15A just a few kilometres away from the crash. B-15A is the world's largest free floating object, which has been afloat for more than 5 years now, since it calved off the Ross Ice Shelf in March 2000.

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2005-May-19, 06:59 PM
Sounded like an airplane, anyways i think the whole global warming thing is way to far fetched. Yes assfault heats up the earth and yes there are harmfull green house gasses. But Consider this the earth wobbles over a period of about 3,000 years (i think, look up changing north stars if you want to argue) And the sun goes through phazes or periods if you want to call them where it heats up or releases more cosmic rays. This period is either 10 or 100 years (Im sorry im a bit rusty)

But all this is natural i believe. The earth is changing; days get longer as the moon moves an inch and a half away from us every year and everything in our solar system is not as constant as you would think. These inconsistancies are most likley the cause of the warming of the planet.

2005-May-19, 07:13 PM
Originally posted by UABILL@May 19 2005, 06:59 PM
These inconsistancies are most likley the cause of the warming of the planet.
OK, Hi UABill, Welcome to the Universe Today forum.

Global warming is caused by the warming of the planet. Hard to argue against THAT.

Just to fill in some blanks from your post:
- The Earth has several modes that you might call wobbling. The largest is the precession, which you seem to referring to, takes about 25,800 years per cycle.
- The solar cycle is eleven years.

However, you are merely handwaving, and seem to be arguing that there is no man-made cause of global warming, and dismiss all of the efforts of scientists world-wide who say there is. You can say that sort of thing if you want, but don't expect the opinion to be embraced on its own merits.

2005-May-20, 04:34 AM
i didnt say that man made causes don't contribute but i think most of it is due to the fact that our place in the solar system and things around us are inconsitant, in that everything is every changing. Besides if we were responsible for all of it my guess is they would have pined it down to an exact science by now. Just my opinion though.