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Kaptain K
2001-Dec-11, 02:57 PM
The Geminid meteor shower peaks this Thursday night-Friday morning. Not the Leonids, but should be 100-150/hour and the moon is not a problem.

2001-Dec-12, 09:25 AM
Any idea of the GMT peak time, approximately?

2001-Dec-12, 12:13 PM
Peak is about 0400, but you should be able to see some earthgrazers starting about one hour after sunset.


2001-Dec-12, 12:40 PM
Thanks - it's been clear here the last couple of nights, so no doubt it'll be overcast tomorrow. In any case, stuck in a city I won't see much...

Kaptain K
2001-Dec-12, 01:36 PM
It has been raining here the last couple of nights, so no doubt it will do so again tomorrow night. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif


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2001-Dec-14, 01:59 PM
Well, what'd you guys see? I saw rain.

Donnie B.
2001-Dec-14, 02:41 PM
Completely overcast.