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2005-May-20, 10:09 PM
SUMMARY: As you've probably noticed, I've got a solid group of freelance writers working with me to help update Universe Today. There are a lot of stories that we just don't have time to cover, though, so I'm looking to get more writers involved. If you're a freelance science journalist, or want to become one and you have writing experience, please drop me an email with some of your writing samples. I'm especially looking for people with experience in space exploration news (NASA, Hubble, etc) as opposed to astronomy news (we've got lots of people for that).

And yes, I actually pay for articles I publish (thanks to all your donations).


Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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2005-May-20, 11:26 PM
I may be up for the the job once I begin my Journalism minor at whatever university I attend. ;)

I'm sure there's some talented people out there - c'mon fellas, get out from whatever rock you've been hiding under up until now! You may contact Fraser directly, or if you want you could also drop in a PM to someone on the Community Support Team - we'd be glad to help! B)

2005-May-23, 11:20 AM
Originally posted by StarLab@May 21 2005, 12:26 AM
I may be up for the the job once I begin my Journalism minor at whatever university I attend. ;)

I think you'd be great for the job StarLab! You're already doing an excellent jos keeping track with the Hubble, ISS and Shuttle update's.

Go for it! You've got my full support and I'm sure the others will agree!

2005-May-23, 04:44 PM
Thank you, Thou Honorable Younger Student! :rolleyes: :D :P ;) :blink: B)

2005-May-23, 04:45 PM
And...that above post was me.

2005-May-26, 04:57 PM
Thou art most welcome oh honorable wise one!!! :rolleyes:

Seriously though, you should apply, you would make a very good writer for this site.

2005-May-26, 08:06 PM
I agree, Starlab, you'd be an awesome writer, give it a go!