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2005-May-30, 09:01 AM
once upon a time one man who was running on scooter with his wife, the man was looking straight, at one speed breaker his wife was down on earth from his scooter, the scooter driver don't know that someone fall from his scooter, he was in normal mood, when he stopped at 5 km distance he found that his wife is not accompanying with him then he saw his back, he was afraid, there his wife was shouting about his forgetfullness, 2. one man had one goggle which was costly, when he was at his home the goggle was misplaced by him he search all the home, drawers, boxes, storewell, show-case and every where, his family members were also searching his goggle, but not found, he was shouting at his family members for not keeping things at the right places, all of a sudden one neighbour came to their house just to ask that "today the pot-washer is coming or not, or came to you? " and during this he/she (whosoever they may be) ask that "what a nice looking goggle on your forehead", then all family members realize the destination of the man's goggle, they were biting their nails in their mouth by looking their man, i think there are more majic/comic/funful forgetfullness of human being, do you have any such instances which also relates with the astronomy too,
"the astronomers never forgets".
! !

2005-May-30, 11:42 AM
if the sky seems very dark and the stars are not shining then you had better take the lens cap off the telescope

I believe the first moon shot where the rocket was supposed to take pictures of the moon as it crashed into the surface they forgot to remove the lens cover and got a lot of blank pictures

2005-May-31, 06:00 AM
interesting piers very interesting, but should this topic left blank responses? you know what happened once upon a time : when doctor went to one patient who was serious on his bed, patient's relative asked doctor for check-up, doctor said, sorry
for my forgetfullness, relative asked again doctor: sorry for what?, then doctor replied again sorry dear, i have forget my stethascope and bp machine in my bag.

in one circus, the cage-door of tiger was left open for a whole night, after the complition of the last show, it is found open when in the early morning that tiger-make-up man went near to his cage he found the door was open, but the tiger was in. :D :lol:

2005-May-31, 06:10 AM
ohh dear i forgot what i was about to say

2005-May-31, 06:19 AM
i think, i have forgot to remind u, that what you have forgot? piersdad
you know once upon a time what happened, when couple was travelling by a volvo like bus, there was a big luggage with them, when they stopped their journey, they forgot their holdol which was kept on the top of the bus, one binacular in the front net of the seat, one pair of shoes in one small container, 2 napkins, 3 tins of soft drink, they forgot all these things in "hurry" to catch another bus for the next travel, (breaking travel). secondly at one railway station the engine driver forget the shunting of the back boggies with the engine, he started the engine and was running alone on the track for say 10 kms. then he found (he had a habbit to see his back) that there were no boggies are running behind the engine, it is due to forgetfullness.


2005-May-31, 04:33 PM
ahhahaha, wow, this forum rawks!! :lol: ;) :D

2005-Jun-02, 07:17 AM
mulet you have described about "rakws", but not further, fantacy, may you have forget?

2005-Jun-02, 08:23 AM
now i remember rawks is slang word for really good

hmmm hope ive got the right forum

2005-Jun-02, 07:54 PM
LOL Rawks=Rocks=Awesome

2005-Jun-03, 08:11 AM
bossman roks roking, rocking, rawking? or what

2005-Jun-05, 07:19 AM
one soot-boot tied personality of physics was forgot to cut the long hairs since he was in research. his beared was also too long later he cut down his hairs smooth as well as bared. both were dazzling.

2005-Jun-12, 02:17 PM
during my school time: there was a school science exibition in which i participated my experiment that how wind panel lift the bucket through the wall, there was one fan to move the wind panel, during that time i forgot to press button of "on" to move the wind panel, which was not working during the pre-exibition test of the experiment. later i detect the panel and shut my head with my palm.